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Like riding a bicycle 0

I have recently started to develop an obsession over the use of dimensions in games.It started with Crypt of the NecroDancer, which I consider to be the absolute best rhythm game ever made. I have thought about why I think so for a long time, and I concluded that one of the reasons is the way it uses spatial dimensions. Most rhythm games follow the basic conventions of sheet music: one dimension (left-right) is used to represent time (when the notes are played) and a second dimension (up-down) t...

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More mundane than meets the eye 0

Firewatch is a surprisingly grounded semi-linear exploration game with a fairly mature story (at least in the context of video games). It tells a story about a set of fire lookouts in a national park in Wyoming who have fled from their responsibilities in different ways, and how their lives sort of intersect through their common summer jobs. The player character, Henry (voiced by RIch Sommer (who honestly sounds too much like his character from Mad Men in this game)), is to spend the summer work...

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Unbelievably lovely 1

So... I just got to the very end of this game and, Wow. I just had to give my wholehearted recommendation as soon as I can, because, I mean, wow.I had pretty high expectations going into this game. I played the demo and even paid three times the minimum asking price into its Kickstarter. Still, it waaaay exceeded my expectations in a pretty incredible way. I had some doubts based on early previews, but I'm glad they did not turn out true.Undertale is a game about love and compassion. It is an Ea...

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Surprisingly inventive, though surprisingly shallow. 0

The anime-as-hell presentation may turn off many people (me included), but this is a surprisingly inventive story-driven game filled with political intrigue. Like Princess Maker 2 (the only one in the series I've played) -- another anime-as-hell video game -- it has an interesting turn-based character-building system that is fun to poke around. Unlike PM2, however, the narrative is constrained within the short 40 weeks it is set in (basically 40 cycles of decision-making), and it is not afraid t...

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