30 Days of Gaming : Day 7

So... Top Gear is kind of an amazing show. I watched two episodes in a row and immediately jumped onto the PS3 to drive an R8 on the Test Track like in the show. 
... then I got way bummed out because holy shit the Top Gear track looks like ass in GT5. Ugh. Anyways, on with the blog! 

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Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher 

Is it weird that I had to stare blankly into space for several minutes before I could drum up even a semblance of an answer to today's topic? I might just be missing out on the vast majority of video games that cover relationships that aren't portrayed like total hogwash. It has to be that or maybe I'm just far too busy playing games that involve guns and faces and the use of the former against the latter. Whatever the case, it took me some time to think but at the end of it, I think I've come up with the perfect one. 

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I'm sure the vast majority of you reading have played through the brilliance that is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and can already see why I've picked them as my favorite couple in gaming. An odd choice, considering they're never described as being an item and you'll never really see them acting as so. It's just easy to see that they are, even if they do throw insults and jokes at each other more often than not. It's not like they have to be established as being in a relationship or something like that for their chemistry to work. Both of their terrific characterizations and sublimely well-written dialogue makes every instance where the two are near each other absolutely entertaining to watch, whether it's discussing the completely rational fear of clowns or trying to reassure and take care of each other after losing a close friend.  
The way they move the plot forward and the non-related-yet-ever-so-amusing banter between the two is what makes Elena and Drake such a fun couple to see on-screen. And it's not like I haven't played any other games where there are romance and relationships involved. I have-- plenty, even. It's just that none of them play as naturally portrayed as in Uncharted, and that is something I sincerely wish developers start taking notes if they're going to start doing more of it. 

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See you, once again, tomorrow!