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Very repetitive, but an ok game. 2

 I have never played a Persona game before. Being my first Persona game i wasn't too sure what i was getting my self into. So i start the game and i get a cartoon cut scene of some guy with a huge nose talking about some stuff i didn't understand... so then he asks for my name. So i write down my name (kinda reminded me of a pokemon game), and the game finally begins... So i'm this city kid who is sent to live with his uncle in a country town. As soon as i get there i meet him and his daughter....

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Being old rocks!!! 0

Some people bought a PS3 just for MGS4, and you won't be disappointed! I of course bought a PS3 for many other great games, but MGS4 is THE game, the best game! There is no better game on PS3 as of 2008 then MGS4. As soon as i fired up this game on my PS3 i was confused. It started out with commercials, so i asked my self, is this MGS4? Hell yeah it is! After that came one of the best intro's ever in a game. And right after that the game turns into real time, showing you the intro was 100% rea...

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The best JRPG currently on 360 0

The game begins with Kaim fighting on a battle field, chopping down soldiers no problem, but then out of no where comes this meteor falling from the sky. Kaim manages to survive without a scratch. Not knowing how he is still alive and not having any memory of his past he begins his journey. Like many RPG's you will meet up with new characters as your progress through the games story. With the game being about 60+ hours to beat, it many take several hours before you meet some key characters from...

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Being an Assassin could of been more fun... 0

I was so hyped up for this game before its release. I remember watching videos of it and... jade... yeah... The game looked so sweet! But then i get my hands on it and i'm not happy! Why am i not happy? Well... this game didn't live up to the hype. The first 30 minutes of the game are pretty sweet, but then everything starts to get really repetitive. Having to do the same old go kill this guy, go get a feather from this guy, and sitting on a bench to listen in on someone over and over again get...

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Only for LOST fans 2

If you are not a LOST fan then please stay away from this game. And even for the people who are true LOST fans, i don't recommend you waste $60 on this game. Also, if you are buying this game to get some answers from the show, well you ain't getting them here. In the game you play as a new character not in the show. You are a photojournalist who loses his memory after crashing into the island. Not knowing who you are your main objectives are to find out who you are and find a way out of the isl...

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Tomb Raider + Gears of War + Far Cry = Uncharted 1

Some people would say this game is very uninspired. I wouldn't argue with you if you told me that. It's pretty obvious the gameplay in this game looks straight out of Gears of War (or kill.switch). But you know what? Who cares, this game rocks! You play as Nathan Drake, an experienced treasure hunter and deep sea salvage expert who is looking for clues that Sir Francis Drake (a past family member) left behind about El Dorado. Tagging along with Nathan is Elena fisher who is filming a documentar...

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