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It seems like the common opinion from critics, is that the story is weak, but the gameplay and exploration is great. Pretty much the same as FFV and FFXII. Thought FFXII's story grew on me the during my second playthrough. I'm not surprised about the story being weak, I never did buy into the whole 'JPop Boyband' theme of the main cast. It seems like if fans want a modern Final Fantasy with a great story, then they need to play the online version, FFXIV. Surprising, given the game's horrible start.

With that said, I haven't played it yet, so who knows.

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I will also be upgrading from my GTX 960 2GB to a GTX 1060 6GB in the future. Vram usage is where it's at these days, which is why its not wise to get the 3GB version of the card.

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I have a EVGA Super SuperClocked edition GTX 960 that I'm using now. But I made the mistake of buying the 2GB version at a time when developers started using more that 2GB of vram. If you must get one, definitely get a 4GB card. Otherwise, a lot of sandbox type games like Assassins Creed Syndicate and Just Cause 3 will shutter, and heavily graphic intense games will only run well on medium to high settings. If I were you, I'd save some more money and buy a GTX 1060 or 1070. The future is vram usage and you'll want to do some future proofing.

I still enjoy my 960 for the most part. It's a solid 1080p mid-range card, and games that came out nearly a year or so ago play pretty solid with it. And many modern games play well on medium to high settings. For example, you can play Witcher 3 with high setting and get close to a solid 60 FPS. If you play on Ultra settings, (with hair works turned off. It sucks anyway) you'll get a solid 35-40 FPS.

Edit: By the way, if you do decide to go AMD instead of Nvdia as some have suggested, DON'T buy a RX 460. That card performs worst than the GTX 960 and the GTX 950.

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A Link to the Past is still the best overall Zelda game of all time.

Sorry, Ocarina of Time fans.

Twilight Princess comes in a distant second, followed by Ocarina of Time.

The only cool thing about that game for me, was Princess Zelda secretly being a Ninja.

I didn't play any of the hand held Zelda games, or the one that game out on the Wii, so I can't speak for those ones.

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I shake my head a people trying to defend this move by Sony. There is no justification for it, if the service they provide is subpar. And people saying they're going to PC because of this move isn't making it a PC VS Console debate. It is a logical move. Why should people pay 60 bucks for weak internet and crappy "free" games that aren't really free, when you can go to PC services like Steam, Origin and others that have great internet, quality free games and all the advantages that go with gaming on PC in the first place. I now personally regret getting SFV for the PS4. I should have gotten it for the PC - better graphics, easy to hook up different fight sticks and pads, plus the user created mods that have been coming out are awesome. Compared to the PS4 version that have controller sync issues, isn't compatible with all modern fight sticks and pads, and is only good enough, graphically. And lets not forget the 8 frames of input lag.

Bottom Line: Sony is starting to burn bridges with their consumers, and as a result, Microsoft and Nintendo will have an opening this holiday season and going into next year to capitalize on Sony's arrogance.

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They rumor there is supposed to be better optimized menus and stuff. But I hope there is a performance upgrade like there is for the Xbox S. Digital Foundry revealed that the Xbox S has an overclocked GPU which resulted in a frame-rate increase in some games up to 10 frames. They are clearly making it NEO and PS VR ready, hopefully this results in better FPS.

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It was bad enough that Sony started charging for PS+ when it was free on PS3. It would have been justified if the service was better, but its still as crappy as before. Another problem is that the so called free games aren't free. Once your subscription is up, those games get locked out and you have to pay retail price. And finally, the so called free games on PS4 have been really crappy - mostly indie games that people have already paid for and played. They only recently offered some decent games like NBA 2K16 and Furi which is a new Indie game. My subscription doesn't end until the beginning of December and I'm now wondering if I should update it before the price increase or just let it die and wait for one of those rare sales before renewing. Anyway, advantage Microsoft. The price for internet is now the same and Xbox have better free games. They recently made Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free.

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Motherboard: GIGABYTE B85M - HD3

CPU: i5 4670K 3.4 MHz (Overclocked to 4.2 MHz)

CPU Cooler: Corsair Liquid Cooler

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz

Video Card: EVGA GeForce 960 Super Clocked 2GB

Drives: 3 HDD for a total of 4TBs (plus a 5TB External HDD)

Audio: On-Board RealTek HD Audio

Power Supply: Corsair 750W Modulated

Monitor: LG IPS 21.9 2560 x 1080p 60Hz 25inch (Overclocked to 75Hz)

A mid-range gaming pc that gets the job done. Looking to get a GeForce 1060 in the future.

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Fighter ID: N1ghtdawn

on PS4

EST (East Coast) Time Zone

The best time to catch me is after March, when hopefully the servers and lobbies will be fixed. My current main is Ryu, because he is very basic for learning the game.

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I used to shop at Gamespot. A lot of my import Sega Saturn games came from Gamespot. So for that reason, I will be grateful for what they were. I say were, because times are changing. We live in a digital world now and everything is being done that way. You even have fast food and grocery delivers online now. Gamespot, like a lot of movie rental franchises are getting left behind. And a lot of people perfer to by their games online now, not just because of the convince of downloading, but also the prevention of getting harassed in store to buy or sign up for something, which personality became very annoying for me.