2011 Top 10 GOTY and Honrable Mentions

2011 was a pretty good year for video games, and I'm proud to make a list giving my top ten for those who happen to come across it. There are some games that didn't make the list, but will get an honorable mention, so be sure to check these games out too:

  • Renegade Ops - If you like old school dual-joystick shooters, this game does it better than most these days.
  • Portal 2 - I'm sure this game is as great as other have said, having played the original Portal, and it probably would have been on my list, had I played it. But since I never got around to it, it'll just be an honorable mention.
  • Driver: San Francisco - Using the ridicules concept of body jumping, the Driver franchise made a comeback afters years of horrible games and ripoffs. This game is a blast to play and the crazy story is actually good, once you get into it.
  • Sonic Generations: It was a year of game franchise comebacks and evolutions. It seems like after decades of pointless games and concepts, Sega has finally produced a decent Sonic game by going back to its roots of success. The story even pokes fun at all the crappy ideas used in their past games. Lets hope this is the beginning of the Sonic games finally returning to the greatness of yesteryear.
  • Battlefield 3: EA bragged this game would be the Modern Warfare killer. Well it's not that, but it is a nice evolution of the series.

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