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History of RPG's I've Played and Recommend.

I've had the benefit of playing a lot of great RPG's over the years. Here's a list of all the games I can remember. The list is not in any particular order, but the first two games are some of my all time favorites.

Note: This list will be randomly updated, as I continue to play great RPGs.

List items

  • Final Fantasy IV is the game that made me a fan of the series. I played it on the SNES and fell in love with the story, character development, and awesome soundtrack. The game had a great ending too.

    Note: The game was called Final Fantasy II on the SNES in America. Because it was the second game released in the States at the time.

  • Chrono Trigger is hands down one of the greatest console RPG's of all time. But I'm not saying anything most people don't already know. From the awesome graphics, to the beautiful soundtrack. The game has one of the best turn-based gameplay systems in the history of RPG's. The game has great character development, and great story. And the game has 13 endings, all which are worth seeing.

  • This game in my opinion is the type of game people will either love or hate. I happen to love it. Sega Genesis RPG's didn't hold a candle to the RPG's on the SNES, but they did release some clever games in the genre. This is an example of one. It's story is based on three generation of heroes. While playing through the game, you met two women, and you decide at the end of each quest, which one you want to marry. Then you continue the game as the son of the previous hero. Pretty cool concept. The game had decent graphics and sound.

  • One of the best Action/RPG's and it happens to be on the Genesis. The game is made by the same people who would later release Alundra 1 and 2 for the Playstation 1.

  • Alundra is a well done Action/RPG. Like Landstalkers before it, the game tells the story of an Adventurer who suddenly becomes a chosen one to save the world. The game has great graphics and a well done soundtrack. However the thing that stands out is the games brain busting puzzles; some of the hardest in any Action/RPG.

  • Breath of Fire III continues Capcom's tale of a Boy who can turn into a Dragon. Like the previous games, there's likable characters whom get mixed up in a decent story evolving the world around them. Some people didn't like the soundtrack, because it was made by the same team that does the Street Fighter Alpha music. However, I personally thought it was just right for the mood of the game.

  • Final Fantasy V is one of the weakest games in the series, when it comes to epic stories. In Fact, the story of this game is pretty generic. So why is it on the list? Gameplay. The game introduced the job system. Instead of characters with set skills, the game lets you learn all kinds of skills and turns your character into a badass. This created a lot of gameplay possibilities and made it one of the most fun games in the series. The Graphics and Sound are top quality.

  • Chrono Cross is the heart felt prequel to Chrono Trigger. The games was made by the remaining members of the so-called "Dream Team" that made Chrono Trigger. The game has some of the most colorful graphics on the Playstation 1, and one of the most epically done soundtracks. The gameplay wasn't as well done as in Chrono Trigger, but it was still fun enough to enjoy. The story wasn't as epic as Chrono Triggers either, but it was good enough. It had many plot twist you didn't see coming. And like Chrono Trigger, the game had many likable characters, all of which you could recruit into your party.

    Note: This game was one of the first to receive a perfect 10 on

  • Lunar is the game that put the Sega CD on the map. There was a time many people claimed this game competed with Final Fantasy in terms of story, gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack. Well they were right. Add to the fact the game took advantage of the Sega CD's full motion video and CD quality sound and you have one of the best games in the genre.

  • Phantasy Star IV was Sega Genesis strongest effort to compete with Final Fantasy on the SNES, and they almost succeeded. However the game is still great in its own right. For one, it's easily the best Phantasy Star game to date. The game had an epic story that was told through well done comic like cut-scenes. The game had a great cyber-punk soundtrack. And the game had likable characters. Also this game would do first, what Final Fantasy VII is famous for. I'll let you guess what that is...

  • Ys III... What can I say about this game. It was definitely Falcom's most publicly pushed game in the series. They had versions made for all the major consoles and even Japanese PC's. I played both the SNES and Sega Genesis versions. Both were well done. The game's story, graphics, and soundtrack were great.

  • People either describe Final Fantasy VII as the greatest console RPG ever made, or the most overrated console RPG ever made. What do I think? The game is definitely a great entry into the series, but it's not the best RPG or Final Fantasy in my opinion. The game gets credit for putting console RPG's on the map. The game also has a deep story and characters many people grown to love and never forget. And there's One Winged Angel. One of the best final boss themes in a video game, which goes with a villain many fans think is the greatest villain ever made. But many fans also think he's overrated, so...

  • This game was Sega Genesis answer to "Link to the Past" on the SNES. And they did a great job. I personally think Beyond Oasis is one of the best Action/RPG's you can play. The game has great graphics and a great soundtrack done by the same guy who did the "Streets of Rage" music. The gameplay is epic. Different physical attacks plus well done magic made the game a treat to enjoy.

  • Legend of Zelda is a legendary game. It put the Nintendo on the map along with Super Mario Brothers, and was called one of the most deep, yet enjoyable games available at the time. It also pioneered the Action/RPG. Hundreds of games in the genre borrowed something from this game. The game also came with a gold-coated cartridge and a map of the game's world.

  • BOFII marked the SNES as a console for great RPGs. The sequel surpassed the first game in every way. It told an epic story and had likable characters that rivaled Final Fantasy IV. The game also had great graphics and sound. It's regarded by many as the best game in the series, even to this day.

  • Ys IV returns to form as an over-the-top Action/RPG. Like the other games in the series, this one centers around Adol and his different adventures. The game has a decent story, and great soundtrack. The gameplay isn't as great, but the story still carries you till the end, like the other games in the series.

  • Phantasy Star II is that old school dungeon grinding game of the past. If you didn't have patience to level up a great deal before taking on the long, brutal, dungeons, then you would be in for a long night of dieing and throwing your controller in anger. So why is the game on the list? Well like people say of Demon Souls, this game makes you want to comeback for more. The more you die, the more you want to keep playing until you beat that brutal dungeon, only to face another harder dungeon. The story is there but it's nothing special. It's the challenge that makes this game a classic to many gamers.

  • Poor Mystic Quest. Because this game was made by the American branch of Squaresoft, many gamers didn't take it seriously. Which is a shame, because FFMQ was really a good game. It had everything, story, gameplay, soundtrack, good characters, etc. But because the game was done a little different than the main Final Fantasy games, it mostly got no love. (cries)

  • Zelda II was the ambitious sequel to "The Legend of Zelda". The game introduced many gameplay elements that the fan-base would reject, but grew to love years later. The game had a mix of side-scroller and over-the-top themes. The graphics and sound was some of the best on the NES. However, people mostly don't like change, and because of that fact, Zelda II flopped. However, today it's considered a classic for it's innovative gameplay ideas.

  • Lunar 2 is the well done sequel to Silver Star Story. Everything that made the first game a classic gets enhanced in the sequel. The version I played was the remake for the Playstation 1. Both Lunar games shouldn't be missed, if you love console RPG's

  • Legend of Mana was the first game in the series for the Playstation 1. Though it lacked many things that made the SNES games so great, the game was still good enough to qualify on the list. It had great gameplay and a epic soundtrack. The games story told tales from many peoples point of view. Sadly, the games in the series after this one, suck.

  • Another example of a game that got no love because it wasn't done by the Japan division of Squaresoft. Secret of Evermore was a game that was just as good as Secret of Mana. Only the story and settings were different. A shame Squaresoft of America got no love. I consider this game a buried classic. If you loved Secret of Mana, there is no reason why you shouldn't love Secret of Evermore.

  • Diablo is an epically done PC Action/RPG in the spirit of Gauntlet. I played the Playstation 1 version and really enjoyed it.

  • Considered one of the greatest Zelda games in the series, as well as one of the best Action/RPG's ever made. I agree completely. Link to the Past raised the bar, that the original Zelda set. Just when other developers were mastering the original blue print, Nintendo replaced it with an updated one. Everything you want out of an Action/RPG is in this game.

  • Ah, a close game too my heart. Wild Arms was just as enjoyable for me as Final Fantasy IV, when I played it for the first time. I actually found myself liking this game better than Final Fantasy VII. The perfect blend of old-school and new-school gameplay. The story was just as epic as any Final Fantasy. And I loved the western themed soundtrack. Wild Arms is one of my all time favorite RPG's

  • Secret of Mana is considered a classic Action/RPG. I agree. The game had some of the best graphics and sound on the SNES. It also had a fun combat system that had you playing for hours. The story was also decently done with lots of personality.

  • Diablo II expanded on everything that made the original great. More character classes, more places to explore, a lot more loot to collect. On top of these factors, online play that's still going strong today, and you easily have one of the best PC Action/RPG's ever made. Get the game, join a server and have fun. They will never die. And don't forget the expansion packs.

  • FFIX was easily the best game in the 32-bit series of Final Fantasy games. Why? Because it went back to basics. The game used the same elements that made all the 16-bit games in the series classics. Great story, with lots of character development. Charming graphics, and the best soundtrack in the 32-bit series. Garnet is still one of my favorite female gaming characters, and Zidane is one of my favorite male characters. That should tell you something.

  • The immortal started out as a PC game. I happened to play the Sega Genesis port. And to this day, the game is one of the most violent games I ever played. The story is about a wizard that tries to escape a castle full of Trolls. The gameplay is decent and brutal. Well done Action/RPG.

  • Black Lagoon is the over-the-top Strategy/RPG that would not get ported to the SNES in America. Too bad, It had everything Tactics Ogre and other games of that genre had to be great. Story, soundtrack, graphics, and well done gameplay.

  • The most well known Ogre game by Atlus. The game was ported to many other consoles. I played the SNES version, and it's one of the best Strategy/RPG's for that console.

  • Take the best elements of "Beyond Oasis", and combine it with the best elements of "Link to the Past" and what do you get? A game that surpassed both games in my opinion. Terrangima is hands down one of the best Action/RPG's, period. The games story is biblically epic, the soundtrack is great. The gameplay is some of the best in an Action/RPG. Too bad, this game was never ported to the United States. Don't let that stop your from playing it. Possibly Enix best game before the merge.

  • Final Fantasy VIII was an ambitious game by Sqaresoft. They were going in the direction of making the most realistic of RPG's instead of the charming ones in the past. Despite having everything that makes it worthy of the title, many fans didn't like the games overly serious storyline, characters, and settngs. Today, however, fans will complain if Final Fantasy, doesn't have a very serious storyline, go figure.

  • The forgotten RPG. Traysia is a turn-based RPG on the Sega Genesis. Despite not have great graphics or sound, the game had one of the best storyline's in any RPG. I'm very fortunate not to miss it. This game proves that a well done storyline can out shine a RPG's short comings, as along as the game is playable.

  • One of the games that debut on the Sega Genesis. In fact, there was a time this game came with the Sega Genesis. It's a well done RPG that took advantage of all of the Sega Genesis graphic and sound possibilities.

  • I was shocked how popular this game would become over the years. From the remakes, to the game having it's own Anime Series. I played the game on the SNES, and it's easily one of the best games on the console. This game pushed the SNES to the limit. The graphics are great, the soundtrack is great and the gameplay is so fun, it would be used in other RPG's. The game even had it's own theme song on the SNES. That's saying something.

  • Ah... this was the game that got me into Strategy/RPG's. It's one of the best RPG's on the PlayStation 1 and is considered one of the best RPG's of all time. This game had one of the best storyline's that centered around war and politics. With great graphics, sound, and gameplay, this game can not be missed. Too bad the handheld sequels didn't reach the heights of this game. Sqaure-Enix needs to make a true sequel to this series.

  • After the complaints of "Breath of Fire III" Capcom decided they would make up for it, by making an epic game just as good as their second one. They succeeded. Breath of Fire IV is the second best game in the series so far, and one of the best games on the PlayStation 1. Don't miss it.

  • Classic... That's how you describe this game. Made by the "Dream Team" just before they broke apart at Squaresoft. This game needs to be played. Nothing I say, will tell you how great this game is and how it's a milestone in console RPG's. Just play it. Anyone that's already done so, will tell you this is one of the best RPG's ever made.

  • The ultimate game that justified the Mech battles seen in Animes like Gundam and Macross. This game is a RPG classic, and it would get remade for lots of consoles. I played the original SNES version, which I think is the best version. Epic Strategy/RPG.

  • Star Ocean 2 would make me a fan of the series. The game has the same great gameplay seen in the Tales series. The story is very well done. Add to the fact you could play this game from two different protagonist point-of-views. The Graphics, soundtrack, were also top-notch. Definitely, one of the best and most treasured RPG's on the PlayStation 1. Did I mention this game has 80 endings?

  • The best game in the Front Mission series so far. The choices you made in the beginning of the game decided how the story would unfold. The gameplay made you feel like you were part of an epic Mech series. Add to that, the little extras like the in-game internet filled with information of the Front Mission world and this game is easily a classic.

  • Inspired by Xenogears, Xenosaga is a space soap opera that takes place centuries before Xenogears. It's filled with epic and long cut-scenes that would give Metal Gear Solid 2 a run for it's money. And like Metal Gear Solid series, Xenosaga tells an epic story you'll never forget.

  • The SaGa series is well known and loved in Japan. However, the idea of a non-linear RPG don't sit well with many American gamers, who like to be directed to the next check points in a game. Too bad, because once you get past the Non-Linear part, this game is a classic and one of the best RPG's on the PlayStation 1. You'll either love or hate this game, but if you do hate it, it's not the games fault.

  • Even before I knew an endurance run was happening on Giantbomb, I was loving this game. It's one of the best interactive RPG's available. The game encourages you to form strong bonds with characters. The storyline is a well done murder mystery. Just watch the endurance run for proof of this games greatness, but I recommend you play it yourself.

  • Though this game's story doesn't pick up until near the end, the innovate combat system is the best in any RPG, and that alone qualifies this game on my list. The great graphics and sound doesn't hurt either.

  • Another great Star Ocean. It's one of my favorite RPG's on the PlayStation 2. The games story would have a lot of elements borrowed from Xenogears, but it's still well told. The likable characters also add to the expensive. The combat system is fun and addictive. This was one of the first games I completed fully, even though I never got all the battle trophies, something I think no one has successfully done.

  • This would be the first game in the series that would use the interactive gameplay syetem, where building strong character connections make your party stronger in the battlefield. If you must play this game, make sure it's the FES Edition. The improved edition uses gamepley features that would carry over to Persona 4 and the game has an extra story that's just as long and detailed as the original storyline.

  • Romancing Saga III is the best game in the series of SNES games. Only play it if you can handle and enjoy Non-Linear RPG's. The storyline focuses on politics and war.

  • In a way Final Fantasy XII disappointed me. I expected the storyline to be much better. Not only is there little character development, but the game's story and setting have a huge Star Wars theme to it. Nothing wrong with Star Wars, but the game comes off as unoriginal because of it. So why is it on the list? Like Final Fantasy V, its because of the Gameplay. Square-Enix wanted to prove they could do the whole "World of Warcraft" gameplay if they wanted to, and they did to great effect. The gameplay is never boring and the epic boss fights you encounter are some of the best in any RPG.

  • The Last Remnant didn't get a fair chance. It's was badly ported to the Xbox360. Which is why I'm glad I played the better polished PC version. The game has a great innovative combat system, which I hope to see in future games. The soundtrack is one of the best in the current-gen line of RPG's and the story is well done. This game is challenging however, so much so, that many people gave up on it. Even I had to play in short sections. Can you handle the challenge?

  • Another Final Fantasy that's considered the best game in the series. What do I think? If I had to chose between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VI, I could chose VI. Why? because it's one of the most epic story driven games in the series. The war torn world is the main character, and the protagonist are just in the middle. The characters themselves are charming and you'll never forget them. Locke, Celes, Shadow, I could go on. The soundtrack is one of the best ever made. The game also has one of the best scenes in console RPG history. The game also has a great villain and one of the most epic final boss fights ever. So why I would chose VII over VI? Oh, and not only does the game have the best ending in the Series, it's one of the best endings in any video game, regardless of Genre.

  • Though the storyline develops slowly, it's very rewarding and enjoyable. The game pretty much plays like an Anime come to life. If you like epic, story driven, RPG's you can't miss this game. It's not the best in the series, but its a great entry.

  • Not as great as the likes of Chrono Trigger or the Final Fantasy games on the SNES. However, this game is just really charming and worth the time of completing.

  • Great Action/RPG. One of the best games you could get on the short lived Sega CD. If you can find a copy... Do so and enjoy.

  • Before the Lunar games, there was Vay. A game that took advantage of the Sega CD's full motion video and improved sound. The story and gameplay is pretty basic, but it's the historical place that puts this game on my list.

  • One of the best games in the series.

  • The best handheld RPG for the Gameboy Advance. If you like RPG's and had a Gameboy Advance, chances are you already played this great game.

  • Many people consider this game the best Dragon Quest in the series. I haven't played enough of them to tell, but this game has one of the best coming of age storylines in RPG history. So they could be right.

  • The sequel that pick up directly where the last game left off. It you liked the first Golden Sun, chances are you played this sequel to see how the story ends.

  • BioWare has pretty much taken over the top spot in RPG's as of today. And games like this are the reason why. This game goes back to the slow burn kind of RPG's on the PC, but maintains the interactive character system pioneered by Bioware. Your choices affect how the game unfolds creating lots of replay value.

  • A group of developers decided to make their own Diablo type of game. They did a great job. If you love Diablo and can't wait for Diable III, Torchlight will give you a great fix. One of the best games in 2009.

  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant is one of the best RPG's for the PlayStation 2. It has everything you want out of a quality RPG. Great story, characters, graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay. Don't miss it.

  • Rogue Galaxy is one of the last and best RPG's released for the PlayStation 2. This game tells a epic story in space. The PlayStation 2 was really one of the best console for RPG's. Make sure you play this game, if you truly love the PlayStation 2.

  • The game that put Bioware at the top of RPG developers. Using their innovative character interaction system, Bioware created an epic space opera that gives Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battle Star Galactica a run for it's money. The fact you can create your own character and choose how the story develops, puts it at the top of greatest games ever made.

  • As of right now, Mass Effect 2 is the greatest RPG ever made so far in my opinion. The game is truly Bioware's crowning achievement. This game has raised the bar for what an RPG must achieve to be truly great. The games story is epic to the finish, the new characters are as great as the ones in the original. The gameplay has been improved and works seamlessly in the world. You have people even as I type playing this game through over and over again. Did I mention you can take the character you created in the first game and import it into this game. Talk about epic. This game is just amazing and is contender for game of 2010. Don't be surprised if the game wins that award. It's that damn good.

  • This is considered on of the best RPG's for the Genesis. It's a well done Strategy/RPG. While the story is just en excuse to play through the game, the combat is some of the best in the genre.

  • The sequel to Shining Force improved on everything that made the first game one of the Genesis best.

  • Shining Force CD is considered the best game in the series.

  • Final Fantasy X-2 took a different approach than the other Final Fantasy games. As a result, many people didn't like it. I however, think it was a very well done game. The game combined both linear and non-linear gameplay elements. If you just wanted to rush through the game, you could just take on the main missions. However, if you wanted to fully experience the story, then you had to discover and play through the non-linear missions. The games story took a slightly lighter tone, than the original FFX. The story focused on Yuna and who growth into a woman, after the Sin. If played fully, you could spent well over 100 hours completing the game.

  • This is one of the best RPG's ever made. It really raised the bar set by Bioware and other developers of modern RPG's. Great graphics, sound, and gameplay make this game a treat to enjoy. The main character is a badass you identify with. This is also one of the most adult theme games in the genre

  • While considered mostly a shooter, Deus Ex:Human Revolution has enough great RPG elements to qualify on this list. It's a great game with an epic story. The main character is a badass who grows on you. The game has a great sound track and art design. Don't miss this sequel to a classic PC game. Check out my review of this game, to get a more in-depth opinion.

  • I just realized I forgot Final Fantasy X. How can I have X-2 on the list without the original. This game was a graphic show piece for the Playstation 2. It told a good story about Yuna a young summoner trying to prove herself, and Tidus a soccer star from another world with serious daddy issues. It's not the best Final Fantasy in the series, but it's also far from the worst.