"The Night is Darkest Before the Dawn."

Last night me and my girlfriend went out with one of our friends to the local theatres to see The Dark Knight. If I only had one word to describe the movie itself it would simpley be >ASTOUNDING<. Whether your a super-hero fan or not there is no one who has seen this film that can say it is anything less then brilliant.

The Dark Knght is the sequel to Cristopher Nolan's critcally acclaimed movie Batman Begins. it is set in Gotham City during a time when crime is finally starting to steadily decline; until the crazed mass murdering lunatic The Joker comes into the picture. The movie is full of action and suspense molded together perfectly with drama. Cristopher Nolan's portrayal of the griddy realistic streets of Gotham does not dissapoint, and actually feels as if it is real city. The film is action packed and certainly will not t dissapoint any fans of the comic book series, as it follows them near perfect.

The Joker's role is taken on by  Heath Ledger in which his portayal of the anything less than superb. As Ledger nails the role of his character The Joker so does the rest of the cast including Christian Bale as the "Caped Crusader" himself, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, and Gary Goldman reprising his role as James Gordon. The movie also brings back many other roles from the first film including Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman as Alfred and Lucius Fox. Even though Heath Ledger will undoubtedly  "steal" the film, other actors played thier role just as great and bring the movie together as a whole.

Altogether this great cast, story, setting, and director, make the ultimate summer blockbuster. So for any of you out there who are still worried the movie will dissapoint, (which I doubt anyone still is) do not worry the movie delivers  even more than expected. My rating for this movie will have to be a 10/10, as it is not perfect but as close to it any movie can get.