Aww, Come On!: The Problem With Gears Online

I was always a fan of the Gears of War franchise, but the more I play the competitive online aspect of it the more I regret my former love for the series.  Don't get me wrong, the campaign and horde or a lots of fun, but GoW just doesn't work online competitively.  When I'm online it always seems that the same playing style is the way to have a good score; mainly using the shotgun and rolling around at close proximity...
THIS SUCKS!  Yup.  I always scream something like that when I get killed by the inconsistent joke that is the shotgun.  I will be unloading a clip of my lancer into somebody while he frantically rolls toward me and blows me to shreds with the shotty.  The game practically rewards you for using the shotgun.  I mean, you CAN NOT kill people from a distance in most game types as they are execution rules.  THAT SUCKS!  I like to think I'm pretty accurate when I shoot and I do plenty of damage, and get plenty of downs, but

The One And Only
The One And Only
no kills... nope, accuracy is not rewarded in this game.  The only way you get kills is with the broken shotty or with a bogus one-hit-kill weapon.  The execution system mixed with the shotgun RUIN THIS GAME ONLINE.
Well, that's something I've thought for a while and decided it deserved a blog post... what do you think?

New Year, Old Games

It is a new year and with it comes new games, but that is certainly not the case

This isn't getting old anytime soon
This isn't getting old anytime soon
for me right now.  Our previous year's Q4 powerhouse lineup has caused an overload and I will still very much be playing last years games well into this year.  OK let's see, Left 4 Dead has been consuming much of my gaming time for over a month now, I just started Dead Space recently and I plan on playing through it more than once, I still have to get through the Gears 2 campaign and clock in a bunch of muliplayer,  Guitar Hero: World Tour is a very fun distraction, especially with friends over, and I still have to burn through Prince of Persia... phew.  Oh yeah, and I plan on buying Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts later this month.  So far this year for me seems like it will be playing through last years excess of amazingness, but I'm sure 2009 will bring plenty more... just not all at once please.

Mysterious 'Mythic'

Well, upon first seeing the picture of this 'Mythic thing' for Halo 3 it seemed like something that was going to be pretty exciting but after doing a little research I'm pretty confident it's nothing to get too worked up over.  Judging that the screen shows only multiplayer menu options, I'm putting my money on it being a showcase for a new map pack (The Mythic Map Pack, perhaps?) coming out, a la the multiplayer beta released to the public.   Also,  Bungie's Brian Jarrard said that the speculation is being "blown out of preportion" and it is "really not that exciting".