With DCUO being pushed back, I now have an extra 30 days to wait until I get to play it, thanks to the pre-order of the collector's edition for the game.  I'm currently back in the world of Dereth playing Asheron's Call with my wife, and really enjoying going back to the first MMO I played.


Asheron's Call

This is one of the older MMO's out there, and the first one I played.  I went back to it last year, and stopped playing it for Aion.  Not sure that was a good choice.  AC is so much better.  Just read today that AC is getting a graphical upgrade this year, so it might be time to dust this game off and head back.



Been playing Aion since it launched, and the more I play it, the more I am getting tired of it.  Trying to figure out which MMO to go back to.  Lotro just isn't cutting it, and I'm not sure I want to return to WOW.  Wondering if FFIV is gonna fill the void.