Used Car Sales Before Lebaran Predicted to Increase

Mobil88 President Director, Halomoan Fischer revealed that he was optimistic about the sale of used cars ahead of Eid. Although the sales figures cannot be compared to last year's Eid.

To note the sales of used cars ahead of Eid often increase for the purpose of going home. But because the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) the government has appealed to the public not to go home.

He considered that there could still be going home because there was indeed tradition from year to year. Unless the Government has banned it will contradict the story.

He considered a number of customers might buy individual cars to go home because they felt safer than public transportation.

"Based on my information, if the season depends on the segment, if possible, maybe the choice to purchase individual vehicles will be there rather than public vehicles. Because if you just inter-family car, then you will know of course healthy. If public transportation is probably the risk is greater," said Fischer for

Even though car needs are still there, Fischer added that sales could decline due to the economic slowdown in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But he remains optimistic that sales in May 2020 (ahead of Eid) will be higher compared to April 2020.

"According to my statement in May, it will be better than April. While the government has not yet allowed (going home rules)," said Fischer for

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