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Started Outlast (Thanks PS+!). That game is scary as shit and so intense. I can't take it.

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My 2014 GOTY list featuring other awards!

Well I just accidentally deleted my entire post and I want to cry so I’m just going to give the short version. This year sucked for the industry and personal reasons. We had some good games this year but nothing on The Last of Us or Portal 2's level. I'm pretty tired so I'm going to keep my feelings on each game pretty short. Anyway, here's my list.

Also, all pictures were taken by me.

10. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

I like anime and video games. I just realized everyone was right calling MGS anime which is why i now like MGS. This is the second MGS game I've ever "played" and I use quotations because my first MGS was MGS4 and you hardly play that. Yeah, I'm that guy. This game gets me excited for The Phantom Pain. Also, Kojima is in it and the song Here's To You by Joan Baez is so good. One of my favorite songs in a vidya game this year.

9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty is secretly a name simulator. Bet Corporal Butts didn't know that.
Call of Duty is secretly a name simulator. Bet Corporal Butts didn't know that.

If you would've told me CoD would be in my GOTY list this year, I would've spit on my hand and slapped you. So I guess I should slap myself huh? This is my favorite CoD since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Adding jetpacks to the multiplayer is so refreshing and fun. The single player is solid as usual.

8. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Actually, Middle earth is a better name simulator then Call of Duty.
Actually, Middle earth is a better name simulator then Call of Duty.

I didn't get a lot of out of the Nemesis System like most people did because I didn't die a lot. The game was a bit to easy in my opinion. It was still a very good game though. I didn't care much for the story or characters because I don't give a hoot about Lord of the Rings but the game itself was fun and there was plenty of side stuff to do. The orcs that just laugh are the creepiest things ever.

7. The Walking Dead Season 2

This season wasn't as crazy good as the first but I guess that was my fault for setting my expectations way high after the first. It was still a very good season though. When some characters died, I got goosebumps and felt like crying. Others had me saying 'Well finally." or "You're a fucking idiot." My Clementine was a badass, probably like most other people. Can't wait for next season for everyone to die all over again.

6. Child of Light

I was thinking of making this description a poem but that's to much. I really like this game, yes, even the dialogue. I like writing poems so I liked that all the dialogue was poetry. The game also looks fantastic, besides Aurora's hair. It looks weird to me. Also, the boss fights were pretty annoying. But all around, it's a really good game.

5. Infamous Second Son

Took this with Photo Mode. This game is a stunner man. dat neon.
Took this with Photo Mode. This game is a stunner man. dat neon.

I'm a huge Infamous fanboy so naturally this will be on my list. The game looks frickin great. Those powers are just ridiculous, especially the neon. Running around the city with neon is just so damn fun, I would turn the game on just to run around, blast some fools and use the photo mode to take some pictures. Delsin and his brother, Reggie also had some great scenes. They worked so well together. Man do I want to replay this.

4. Alien Isolation

Is it year of the good licensed games? First Middle earth, now Alien? What the hell is going on?! I'm obviously not counting the Telltale games for some reason. But yeah, I'm confused about my feelings for this game. I should love it. I mean, I beat it in like 3 sessions. I love these types of horror games, the ones where you have to run and hide from enemies because you can't kill them or it's just a better idea. The game is fucking gorgeous too. The lighting is just ridiculous and the fact that it's practically Alien The Game is a win in my book. I didn't really have any issues with the game besides towards the end when certain enemies kill you if you're not fast enough, which got me pretty pissed during 2 segments. But I guess it makes sense. I mean, you're done if one got onto you anyway so eh. I also loved and hated the save system. Loved it because it made saving the game and challenge and hated it because it scared the shit out of me when I would save. Also, when you get the flamethrower and can finally sort of fight the alien back, all I could think when I would shoot at the alien was "MWAH HAHA! Take that you bastard!" because now you're scaring it. This game is great. Also, sound design is so good. I played the entire game with a headset on. Playing this with a headset is a must. This game is great. Yeah, I think I love it.

3. Transistor

No Caption Provided

This game has to be my biggest surprise of the year. I never really played Bastion. Just like the first 20 minutes but I hate playing games on my laptop and KBM could suck it so I quit. Thank Shuhei it's coming to PS4. So I really didn't have any expectations for this game. I just had $20 in my PSN account and it came out and my friend told me to buy it because why not. So I did. Turned out to be a good decision. I didn't know anything about this game going in besides the fact that the people behind Bastion, a well received game, were making it. Literally nothing. I never saw any trailers, didn't know what the gameplay or story was like, absolutely nothing. This game is fantastic. The music is obviously the best thing about it but everything else is still so damn good. Characters, gameplay, voice actors, graphics, etc. Suuuuuuuch a great game. Soundtrack of the year! This is my favorite song of the game. I sometimes just hover over the game on my PS4 to hea the music play.

2. The Wolf Among Us

It seems like everyone forgot about this game. Another Telltale game with great writing. It's also one of my favorite looking games this year. Yeah, it's not a stunner technically but all that neon. It fits the game so well and I just love neon colors, specifically purple. This game had some great fights, characters, writing, etc. Now the wait for season 2.

1. Far Cry 4

No Caption Provided

Holy tiger this was fun. Far Cry 3 was my 2013, 2012 GOTY. Because I played it in 2013, not 2012. A new Far Cry is all I wanted from Ubi after beating 3. They're just so damn fun. Throwing meat into an outpost and watching a tiger maul everyone, riding a C4 strapped elephant into one and killing everyone and then sending it off towards some enemies and just blowing shit up (I know, I'm evil), riding a buzzer and raining death onto enemies with a grenade launcher. Just so damn fun! Not much else to say. Here's a video I made of some random animal fights.

So now that I'm done with my top 10, lets move to the other awards. My favorite part of making a GOTY list!

Disappointment of the Year! - Watch_Dogs

Woah man. I'm trippin', digitally.
Woah man. I'm trippin', digitally.

Not much to say really. When the game was announced, I nearly did backflips. Nearly 2 years later, I really didn't care much anymore which was a good thing because this game was pretty forgettable. It was solid but I hated the main character, story was typical gravely voiced man wants revenge, hacking while neat, was nothing game changing and the world was just dull. A real shame.

Runner Up: Destiny. Okay, I didn't play the full Destiny game. Just the Alpha but man was that Alpha shit. I was super hyped for Destiny when it was announced but I played the Alpha and thought. "This is it...?" and ultimately thought to myself, "I would never play this for more then an hour." Oh well!

Best Multiplayer - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

You like jetpacks? You like shooting people in the face? Well here you go.

Ported to PSN Indie GOTY - Outlast

Outlast peens are weird looking. Also, this is from the DLC and this guy is fucking nuts.
Outlast peens are weird looking. Also, this is from the DLC and this guy is fucking nuts.

If this was a 2014 game, it would've ended up on my GOTY list. But alas, it actually came out in 2013 and it got ported to PS4 back in February so I don't count it as a 2014 game. Anyways, I loved this game. I said in my description for Alien: Isolation that I love these kind of horror games. The ones where you can't fight back. Outlast is awesome and scary. I even played through it on insane difficulty, the one where you get one life to beat the whole game. I'm excited for Outlast 2! Yes, Outlast 2 was announced.

Runner Ups - Dust: An Elysian Tail, The Swapper

Most Anticipated 2015 Game - Uncharted 4

Woo, more Uncharted! Also, year of the grappling hook incoming?!

Runner Ups - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Gang Beasts, Persona 5, Rime, Witcher 3, SOMA, No Man's Sky(???)

2014, 2013 GOTY - Tales of Xillia

As in the best game from 2013 that I played in 2014. This was my first Tales of game and I don't plan on it being my last. I really need to get Xillia 2. Nevermind that. I really liked Xillia. The characters weren't shitty like I expected them to be, I liked the story, even if it was a tad confusing, the combat system is fantastic and the way the game looks is just so good. Also, those anime cutscenes were delicious. I wish more Japanese games would use anime cutscenes.

Runner Ups - Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls

Shittiest game I've played all year - Fuse

Man this game sucks. I bought it because it was less then $5 and it was something my brother, friends and I could play. What a waste of $4.50 or whatever it cost.

Runner Up - Crysis 3

Game I should regret playing but I don't - Katawa Shoujo

Okay, it's 99% visual novel and 1% game I suppose. Whatever.


Awesomeusername's Top 9 2013 GOTY List featuring other awards!

Why do most of us refer to ourselves in the third person when we make a GOTY list? Makes no sense.

That's not the point. Anyway, what's up guys? Can you believe 2014 is almost here and 2013 is behind us. A new year with new games is upon us. We've had some incredible games AND new consoles this year! How crazy is that?! I think it's pretty crazy. This year was pretty weak when it comes to super, amazing games with only 1 game that I played that I think deserves to be called that. When it comes to indie games, I don't think anything was amazing. But I haven't played Brothers so I can't be the judge of that.

I'm rambling so here's my top 8 games of 2013! I chose 8 because I didn't get to play some games that most likely would've took some spots on here and some other good games didn't feel like they belonged on here.

But here goes!

9. Puppeteer

One of the heads is a Luchador head. That almost sounds like Luchadeer. Amirite?
One of the heads is a Luchador head. That almost sounds like Luchadeer. Amirite?

Puppeteer is the second most charming game of 2013, right behind Tearaway. The presentation of the game is just fantastic. Seeing the levels change by different stages coming up is always fun to watch and it's just so damn cool. Dialogue is funny, characters are fun, the game looks absolutely fantastic, gameplay is a bit of a pain because jumping isn't floaty enough but it's good. The highlight of the game is probably the boss fights. They're fun and the QTE's that happen when you're ready to kill a boss is always awesome. This game is fantastic, that's all.

You get fat at one point of the game and this is how you lose weight. That's right. Roll down a hill and enemies that came in your way were crushed.
You get fat at one point of the game and this is how you lose weight. That's right. Roll down a hill and enemies that came in your way were crushed.

8. Tearaway

I always made ugly faces while playing and man was it fun.
I always made ugly faces while playing and man was it fun.

When this game was revealed back in 2012, the only thing I said was "I AM SOLD ON A VITA!". I mean, how could you not be sold? The games adorable and uses all the Vita's functions without being annoying.The paper world looks great, the paper ripples around when wind is blown, crumples and rips when you use your finger and folds when you pull curtains apart. It's just really cool. The papercraft collectibles are cool too. You take a photo of white silhouettes that appear into the world and you get instructions to print out on how to make what you took a photo of with real paper. I might try it out but I'll probably fail at it. The best part is when you see yourself in the sun and you can make any silly face you want and screenshot it. It's really just a great little game and I hope we get some more unique games from Media Molecule.

Is that the Xbox Logo?!
Is that the Xbox Logo?!
Me and my friend looking at Iota.
Me and my friend looking at Iota.

7. DmC Devil May Cry

Even the angels dig new Dante, c'mon guys.
Even the angels dig new Dante, c'mon guys.

I never played a DmC game so I wasn't very interested in playing this. The only reason I played this was because Ninja Theory. I really enjoyed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West so I figured I should play this game. So I did. Best decision I made all year. The intro cut scene was so damn good that I immediately loved it. I liked the characters, gameplay was fun, story was great and going into Limbo was always cool. Honestly, I was completely surprised by how good this was and how much I liked it. So while the internet raged about Dante looking like a douche, I enjoyed the game. Pretty much my surprise of the year. It completely sucks though that this game sold bad because people. Ninja Theory is probably going to go under soon and that makes me sad.

This scene was pretty damn funny.
This scene was pretty damn funny.

6. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

No Caption Provided

Another game where I never played the previous installments but knew I had to play. Once again, I was surprised by how much I liked this game although I knew I'd like it. I didn't think it'd be GOTY material for me until I killed about 6 people in like 3 seconds. It was just an awesome moment that made me love the game. This game is the definition of stealth action. Strikes a perfect balance between the two. On top of that, the games looks beautiful and plays so damn good. I had no problem with the voice actor being different because I didn't play any other Splinter Cell so I think the VA was pretty good. Sam's voice was kind of tough but old at the same time. So yeah, I liked his voice. Go ahead and cry. Anyway, the story was pretty good and the end fight was so awesome. Oh man.

Exercise Fifth Freedom!
Exercise Fifth Freedom!

5. Grand Theft Auto V

The cop looks like Michelle Rodriguez.
The cop looks like Michelle Rodriguez.

Its been 5 years since Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto V is now out. World explodes. I will always love the GTA series so it's no surprise that the highest grossing, fastest grossing game of the year and ever is on my list. Originally, this game was number 3 but I just moved it to 5 because I realized the next 2 games were not technically better, but just more memorable and fun. Not to say GTA V is either but I loved them more. Anyway, GTA V is a damn great game. As usual, the characters are crazy, dicks and some literally balls to the wall crazy, *cough cough* Trevor. The highlight of this game were the heists. They were so fun to play and pull off. I also loved all the little details they put into it like whoever you're playing as looks in the mirror when you click the right analog stick to see behind you, your flip flops flip and flop, playing catch with Chop and pretty much everything else about the game.

Now onto GTA Online. I absolutely love it. When it launched, the only problem I had was that my character disappeared after making her but it didn't bother me because I made the character, finish the first cutscene, game froze and lost her so I didn't do anything. Another problem was that 3 of my cars disappeared but I quickly got my money back from doing the "Violent Duct" mission a million times, although this happened like 3 weeks after launch of the Online. But it was pretty much smooth sailing for me and I'm glad because the problems people were having scared the crap out of me. I really didn't want to lose my character. My time in GTAO is 87 hours so I've played a lot. I stopped playing about a month ago though because I got tired of it. I'm just waiting for them to patch the heists in. I really want to rob banks with my friends. Another good thing that is also a bad thing is that GTAO is using the almighty cloud. But forget the bad thing. The good thing is that Rockstar can do anything they want with the game anytime, like snow!

Snow! What else will Rockstar do?!
Snow! What else will Rockstar do?!

4. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sony should really make Sly Cooper into a animated series.
Sony should really make Sly Cooper into a animated series.

Hey guys! Sly's back! On PS3! I mean really guys. That's all I have to say. Sly 2: Honor Among Thieves was my favorite PS2 game, platformer and favorite game out of Sly, Ratchet & Jak. So naturally I was super excited when this was announced. The game stayed true to the roots of the old games while adding in some new things like cartoon cut scenes, costumes with abilities and some gorgeous cel-shaded graphics. Most would say it stayed to close to the original Sly trilogy but honestly, what can they do different with a raccoon stealth-platformer? Not much in my eyes. The game was great and I hope Sanzaru has another one in the works for PS4. I'd literally cry.

The first screenshot of Sly 4, before it was announced. This made me so happy!
The first screenshot of Sly 4, before it was announced. This made me so happy!

3. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Blood Dragons!!
Blood Dragons!!

I'm a sucker for neon and 80's music so when Blood Dragon was announced, I thought "Holy macaroni does that look great!" and it was! I had a ton of fun playing this game, just like with the base game, Far Cry 3. The lines and characters were cheesy, story was dumb and awesome and the end of the game was probably one of the best end levels ever. A hand laser beam thing and then riding a dragon with cannons. Seriously, it doesn't get better then that. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is radical. It's gnarly. It's tubular. 80's!

Do you guys remember this promo video? WICKED!
Do you guys remember this promo video? WICKED!

2. Bioshock Infinite

One of the rare moments in B:I that makes you smile.
One of the rare moments in B:I that makes you smile.

Do you guys remember when this was first announced? I remember. The trailer started and it showed some water and the music playing made me think "Holy shit! A new Bioshock!?" and then the yelling and I thought "Big Daddy is back!: and then this guy gets thrown out a window and I just was confused and excited. The trailer played out and I was pumped. A new Bioshock! A new city! I'm excited cant breathe!! And boy did this game not deliver. My second favorite game this year. Great story, fantastic ending, solid gameplay, and a beautiful city. I was so excited when I got my hands on this game. I fucking bought the Ultimate Songbird Edition which was $150. I was that sold on the game. Man, what a hell of a game. That ending. My only gripe with the game as that it had a 2 weapon limit and not the weapon wheel. I was disappointed when I found out I dropped my machine gun for a shotgun. Butt dat ending!

Also would like to point out that this game has my favorite song in a video game this year. Plus, it was sung by Courtnee Draper (the VA for Elizabeth) and the guitar was played by Troy Baker himself!

1. The Last of Us

Also, giraffes.
Also, giraffes.

Yup, my game of the year and game of the generation (!) is The Last of Us. This game is literally perfect. I was about a month late to the party because I had no money to buy this game (Damn that B:I collectors edition!) but I managed to avoid EVERYTHING about it. The only thing I heard was that the beginning was possibly the best start to a video game ever and when I heard that, I had a clue about what it was and I wasn't wrong. When the end of the intro happens (Joel's daughter dies), I sat there almost about to cry, just fucking amazed from what I just experienced. Literally everything about this game is perfect to me. The voice acting (fucking bravo Troy & Nolan!), characters, gameplay, graphics, story, ending, etc. etc. I mean seriously, this game is from top to bottom amazing. I had not one problem with it. I started the game on hard so it was pretty damn challenging and just plain scary when I had to kill the infected. I played this game 4 times! First on hard, then hard+, then survivor and survivor+ and didn't get tired of it. I absolutely love this game.

Also, if you haven't seen this Joel Banderas video yet, you're a bad person.

So now that my GOTY list is done, let's move to the other awards!

Worst Game of the Year - Aliens: Colonial Marines

Let's not waste any time. Aliens: Colonial Marines. What a fucking turd. You're evil Gearbox, pure fucking evil. No I did not buy it by the way. My idiot friend did. This game doesn't even deserve it's own picture. NEXT!

Disappointing Game of the Year - Dead Space 3

No Caption Provided

Okay, so Dead Space 3 was a pretty good game. But a good Dead Space game it was not. I liked the game, but the entire time, I felt like I was playing something that wasn't made by Visceral. Lot's of things were changed and not for good reason. Suits were just cosmetic, there were really no point in experimenting with different guns because the Plasma Cutter with a SMG was so overpowered. Optional missions had the same environments. Universal ammo, ugh. Too much big, action packed set pieces, not enough booga booga! Everything about the game just felt wrong. The end boss was pretty weird but then again, there are aliens taking over dead bodies. So weird is already apart of the series. The game just didn't feel right. So yeah, solid game but for a Dead Space game, *fart noise*.

Runner Up's - Remember Me, Batman: Arkham Origins

Overhyped Game of the Year - Tomb Raider

No Caption Provided

I know I'm going to get hung for this but yeah, Tomb Raider was overhyped by you internet saps. When the game came out, I saw all these glowing reviews and forums about how fantastic this game was and all I could think was "What's so special about this game? It looks solid but nothing like these people are saying." and that's exactly what I think now. I played the game, beat it and thought it was solid. That's it. Seriously, what the hell is it that you guys see in this? It's a solid game but nothing worth losing sleep over. I could've easily skipped this game but I like to play all the big games.

Most Anticipated Game of 2014 - inFamous: Second Son

No Caption Provided

I'm a HUGE inFamous fan so this really isn't a surprise. I mean, my avatar. I love Sucker Punch so I'm super pumped for this game. The main character is Peter Petrelli!

Runner Up - The Order: 1886

My 2013, 2012 Game of the Year - Far Cry 3

No Caption Provided

This probably would've got second place on my 2012 GOTY list but I played it this year so here it is. This game was just so damn fun, I couldn't remember the last time I just had fun playing a video game. Plus, the soundtrack is so damn in tune with the game even though I hate dubstep. This game is just so damn good.

Runner Up's - Persona 4 Golden, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Sleeping Dogs

Indie Game of the Year - Papers, Please

No Caption Provided

This game pretty much wins by default since this year wasn't really giving when it came to indie games. I like this game a lot though so it doesn't bother me that it's on this list.

Ported to PSN Indie Game of the Year - Hotline Miami

No Caption Provided

I told you I love neon and 80's music so duh this game won. I played this game a year ago this month but didn't beat it because the last boss was a pain on PC for me. I played this game again this year in July when it came to PSN on my Vita and guess what? I was able to beat it! This game is best played on the Vita. Also as you all know, that soundtrack!

Runner Up's - Thomas Was Alone, Spelunky

Downloadable of the Year - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

No Caption Provided

I already explained myself.

Runner Up's - Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Rain

Games I wish I got to play/finish.

Beyond: Two Souls - Have to buy.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - My friend hasn't picked it up from his friend so I haven't played it. But that's good because at the moment, I don't have the time or interest to give this game the attention it deserves.

Saints Row IV - I was going to borrow this from my friend (Same one as the above two!) but the bastard sold it and I'm to broke to buy it. So I'll buy it next year sometime.

Tales of Xillia - No money.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - My friend has it but I didn't borrow it because I want to play it on PS4. Stupid excuse, yeah but it's true.

Gone Home - Doubt my laptop could run it.

The Stanley Parable - Doubt my laptop could run this either.

Rayman Legends - Still to poor. I'll play it on PS4, I promise!

Stick It to the Man! - It'll be on sale in a couple months for $3.

Need for Speed Rivals - No money + I want to play on PS4.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - I was going to buy this if it didn't go on sale the last PSN store update of December, which is this Tuesday but it's going to be a "free" PS+ game for January so I'm holding off.


My farted out, diverse, different top 10 GOTY list for 2012!

So I just threw out a GOTY list because everyone else made one and I don't want to be left out! I didn't get to play many of the games I wanted to this year like Borderlands 2, Sleepy Dawgz, Transformers FoC, etc. so my list is kind of different, although my #1 game won't be (wink wink). This was hard to put in order so here goes nothing!

10. FTL: Faster Than Light

No Caption Provided

The picture on the left is from this site, but it's something that broke my heart. The picture shows the players ship over a burning star and every time it erupts, it sets fire to your ship. This happened to me, but I was being attacked by fucking pirates at the same time. I lost a crew member in the previous sector so I was now at 4. I moved on to a new area where a pirate ship lost gas and they decided to teleport to my ship where they proceeded to gun down 2 of my crew members while the star spread fires throughout my ship. I was horrified at this moment. There I was, 4 crew members fighting 4 pirates who had guns while being burned and losing oxygen. I was going crazy trying to kill these bastards and restore my ship. The end result was 2 of my members killed, all 4 pirates killed and a ship with around 1 or 2 health left because of a star under me. Every time I put out a fire and fixed a room, another fire will start and another room would go offline. So I decided to jump to a new part of the map. That's wear a Rebel ship automatically noticed me and destroyed me. I felt sad. Destroyed. But yet I enjoyed my near 2 hour romp through 5 sectors of the galaxy blowing up trapped pirate ships, making slavers give me their money and fuel, saving infected colonies, and destroying Rebels. The game also has fantastic music and I love the graphics style. I love this game and I'll keep going back to it for years to come.

9. Asura's Wrath

No Caption Provided

What a trip through loony ville! Want to see a dude lose his arms multiple times? Play this game. Want to fight on the moon? Play this game. Want to watch a guy that isn't Kratos yell the whole time you're playing? PLAY THIS GAME! Asura's Wrath is an awesome and weird game that gives set piece after set piece. I really don't know how to talk about this game besides saying IT'S FUCKING INSANE so I'm not going to say much. This game is ridiculous and if you haven't played it, well play it! Or not.

8. Botanicula

No Caption Provided

I haven't gotten around to beating this game yet and it will stay that way for at least another 2 weeks but every time I play it, I love my time with it. The game is a blast. I love clicking on everything on the screen to see what happens and I always end up laughing because it's always something weird. Weather you're being barked at by a mushroom or the bugs/plants(?) are on a freakin' ferris wheel, it's always funny. The games charming. The graphics are fantastic. The music is amazing. The puzzle aspect is fun to figure out since you always have to interact with bugs or plants in some way.

7. The Darkness II

No Caption Provided

I'm going to start off by saying this game was much, much better then what I was expecting. I saw the original The Darkness on YouTube and thought it looked cool. I mean, I love anything that includes the supernatural like monsters or ghosts or aliens. But I didn't really feel like it'd be a fun game to play because it looked kind of boring to play. But I thought this new game looked pretty damn cool. But I didn't have any expectations going in. Let's just say I came out of it starry eyed. The game is awesome. Sticking your demon snakes down dudes mouths and pulling their hearts out while head shot-ting gangsters with an Uzi and Desert Eagle was AMAZINGLY AWESOME. The games cel-shaded graphics make those kinds of things look amazing too. Then with the insanity parts of the game, oh man. What a great game.

6. Hotline Miami

No Caption Provided

I first got interested because the games soundtrack was fantastic. Words can't describe that soundtrack. So I bought it and then realized how much it reminded me of my favoritest movie ever, Drive. This game is hard but not to the point where it frustrated me; and I'm easily frustrated! The game is fun and the different masks were fun to discover and use. It's a great game, even if the last boss sucks ass. But it's so good!

5. Gravity Rush

No Caption Provided

I never really noticed this game or really even paid attention to it but man am I glad I always felt an urge to play it. The games combat may suck but that doesn't stop the game from being fun. You can turn it on just to fly around and have a blast because it's just fun. Besides flying around, I thought the story was pretty good, even if it didn't wrap up everything. I liked the characters, especially Kat. Most female characters in games and movies suck but Kat was just a teenage girl with problems like boys and not showering and at the same time, she was likeable! Crazy right! The music for each town was repetitive but still good and the graphic style fit the game nicely. It's probably the best game on the Vita and so far, my favorite.

4. The Unfinished Swan

No Caption Provided

Yes! The Unfinished Swan! I'm giving it love! Why? Because it was DIFFERENT. You know what's more surprising then 360 no scoping some random 50 feet away? Shooting paintballs in the middle of a completely white room and seeing objects appear out of nowhere. Every time I entered a new area, I went on a shooting spree because I enjoyed seeing a statue of a pig or a bench or a lake appear out of nowhere. You never knew what you were going to see and that's the fun part. This game was unique and fun. The music was also great and sometimes it'll be completely quiet and I liked it. The art was great and it was sometimes scary and other times, breathtaking. This was a game I am happy to have played.

3. Spec Ops: The Line

No Caption Provided

Everyone who's played this game knows why it's on my list. I'm going to have to put this game on my list of "Best story for a modern day shooter" because that's true. The story is fantastic because it's scary, heart pounding and a little insane. Not a lot of games have twists that make you go "HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK! WHAT?!" and this is what this game did to me. This games story is seriously top-notch. The characters are great, voice acting is great, the setting is different and interesting, and the music is damn good. I always read that the story was great but god damn, the story is great. Seriously a surprise coming from a generic military shooter.

2. Mass Effect 3

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Yes, this is Mass Effect 3. I'd like to point out that I played this game without any of the DLC and LOVED IT. Go ahead. Bitch at me. I don't care! I thought the game was fantastic. The mission where you go on the moon of the Turian planet and see giant reaper vessels annihilating soldiers and you look up at the Turian planet and see a huge spot destroyed, shit got real. I got goosebumps and was scared for all the races in this game. The Reapers were here and they were fucking shit UP! The games music was fantastic and the graphics were gorgeous. Mass Effect 3 was an experience I'll never forget and it's one of my favoritest games of all time. I loved it and that's what counts.

And now the winner!

Wait for it.....



Surprised? You shouldn't be! It's my avatar for christ's sake! Go ahead! Call me unoriginal! I don't care! This is the first game that ever made me seriously, seriously care about video game characters. This game choked me up on more then one occasion. This game made me yell at the characters to run because I was so scared. This game made me fucking depressed. This game was FANTASTIC. I LOVED it. I wanted nothing to do with it in the beginning and Sony decided to give me the first 2 episodes for free with PS+ and I thought, why not. Guess who came away blown away and scared. THIS GUY! I'm done here! I'm super pumped for season 2! For Clementine!

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My terrible luck with PlayStation products.

So I'm bringing this up because I HATE PlayStation 3. Why? Well, it all started back in January 2008. I think it was the first day I went back to school after being in Puerto Rico for Christmas vacation which extended into the first week or so of January. Me and my brother got home from school and my mom told us she had another Christmas present for us. All I could think was, "I got an iPod Nano, a phone and a vacation to Puerto Rico for about 3 weeks. What could she have bought now!?!" and she gave us a Best Buy bag with a box in it. To me and my brothers surprise, it was a PS3!!! I already knew what game I wanted because I had recently started spending time on the internet looking at video games! That game that made me start using was the one, the only, Assassin's Creed. It looked amazing an I needed to play the game and with a PS3 in my hands, it would be possible! Time goes on, me and my brother get an ethernet cable and make PSN (Now SEN) accounts, we play loads of demos, and start buy our first game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. And then......

It's July 1, 2008 and the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV has been out for about a month and a half already. It got a 10 out of 10 on Gamespot! I loved San Andreas and I need GTA IV! So July 1st is my birthday and I ask my mom for the game. A couple hours later, about 5 o' clock p.m., my mom finally gets home and gives me cologne, some other presents and Grand Theft Auto fucking IV!!! I was so excited! I waited hours from the time my mom left in the morning til she got home for that game and there it was! So I took it upstairs to my room, pop the game in and start playing. I play about the first hour of the game and get off for who knows what reason. My mom yelled at me too get off, my brother wanted to play, I was hungry, I have no idea. So the next day rolls around and I'm excited to get back into GTA. I pop in the disc and press X on the digital disc on the television and there it is. Error blablabla. I reset the PlayStation and try again. Error again. I'm scared and worried about what's wrong. So I try another game and.... ERROR! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! YOU MESSED UP ON ME! I JUST GOT GTA IV AND YOU MESS UP NOW!


So we call SONY and they're obviously useless so we have to send them our PlayStation. No biggie, I can wait. It's not like I'm dying to play my newest game!!!!! So about 3 weeks later, I'm outside my house with some neighbors and my brother (I would think) and a UPS truck pulls in front of my house. I think nothing of it so I go upstairs and let my mom know UPS is here. We get our package and wait... What is this? Can it be.... YES! My PS3 is finally here! I plugged it into my 37' living room tv (Which is my tv now) and I pop in GTA IV and there I go! Into the magical world of gaming again.... Until, something happens again...

It's been a year and a month I would say and I'm in nearing the end of a co-op match in Resistance 2. It's fun and I'm talking with a friend through my Playstation Eye. Then the match ends and the screen turns to black, on it's way to the main menu. So I wait a couple seconds. The seconds roll by and all I could think is "Wow, this is taking longer then it usually does."


My thoughts are then interrupted by 3 beeps. What is that? I turn to my PlayStation, only to see it turn off. All I could think is "Damn! All that experience from that match lost!". So I press the power button and


This time I look fast enough to see the power lights go from green to yellow to red. I'm confused. Yellow? Never seen that one before. I try again and it repeats. All I could think is "Oh shit! What's wrong?!?". I try pressing the eject button and beeps happen again. I'm shocked and going crazy! This can't be happening AGAIN! I go downstairs where my brother is talking to our friend at the door who's just leaving. I say to him "Yo, I think the PS3 is messed up." He says "What?" and we run upstairs to my PlayStation. It keeps turning yellow and beeping and it won't turn on! What did you send us SONY? Is this some dirty trick!? I was playing Resistance 2 dammit! So we tell my mom later the great news and her response? "It doesn't have warranty anymore and I am NOT paying for that." Imagine how heartbroken we were? Our one hobby, our favorite hobby, ruined. Gone once again... So we tried many attempts to get the game out and give it back to my friend because yes, Resistance 2 was a borrowed game. We weren't going to smash it open so it just sat in our yellow lighted PS3.

Fast forward 2 months, it's October 2009 and we're moving out. My brother puts our dead PS3 in one of the boxes and I tell him no, it needs to go in the PS3 box. What if it breaks? Guess what? Bad move. I put it in and I tell either my smaller brother or cousin to bring it down and both act stupid and refuse and the guy we payed to help us move brings it down to the truck. Fast forward a couple hours later, me, my brother and his friend are at our new apartment in our new room. For some reason, I think of the PlayStation and look for it in my room... But I don't find it... Where is it? So I go to our new living room and ask my stepfather "Hey Ambi! You seen the PS3?" and his response is "No." Where can it be then? Me and my brother scrounge the house but no luck. "Ambi, was the truck completely empty before it left?" and his reply is "Yeah. Where did you last see it?" and I remember the guy "took it downstairs" but he was with us at our new apartment eating Chinese food that my mom bought him. So he couldn't have. We check our old house the next day and nothing. Ask our friend if he saw it, nope. So there it is, our YLOD PS3 is gone, literally this time. Why does it matter? I could've saved up and sent it to SONY or asked my mom to pay for it for Christmas and that'd be my only present. So there's my PS3. Gone for a third time. Just disappeared. Like magic. So I spent the next 2 years playing games at my friend's houses. It was my only option. I couldn't give up on my favorite hobby that easy. I literally begged, in a sarcastic way, my mom and sister to buy me a PS3 all the damn time. That's when my next paragraph starts...

Christmas Eve 2011 guise!!! I'm not expecting anything awesome but I'm still excited. I don't know why. Me, my brother and cousin are literally staying up because my mom said she MIGHT give us our presents when she comes back home from a Christmas get together thingy she went to with our stepdad at a friends house. So we stay up on Netflix until she comes home. Finally. It's probably 3 or 4 a.m. and she gives up. She gives us presents, nothing great. Then she says she has 1 more present for each of us. She gives me a rather big ox and I don't know what to make of it. What the hell is this? I'm carefully taking off the wrapping paper and all that comes out of my mouth is...


And I run to my room and go back to the living room. IT'S A PS3! AGAIN!!! Am I high or something?! I don't smoke!!! I hug the shit out of my mom and she warns me about the light billl, blablabla, I'm just ready to fire this bad boy up! So I go to my room and put my profile on, sync up my trophies, download some stuff on the PS Store and pop in a game. I don't remember what game but I stayed up for 3 or 4 hours playing! I can start playing games again! Granted I'm a little bit, what am I saying, I'm a LOT behind but I don't care! I have some money for a game and I know what I'm buying. I wake up later on Christmas day, my then girlfriend comes to my house and gives me a present and I let my mom know she says our relationship is ruined because she got me a PS3 and we laugh. So later, I give my mom $20 and she orders me Mass Effect 2 on Amazon. It's a Sunday but I really don't care. I just want a new game to play with my new PS3. The game gets to my house by Tuesday and I play the shit out of it. The incoming months are a slaughterfest! I shoot, zap and portal my way through more then 20 games! I love gaming and I will never EVER stop gaming for anyone! New games are on the horizon every month and my backlog just grows while I webswing and climb through older games. E3 comes up and I'm more hyped then ever! 12 new games for PS+ members and I need PS+! I need those games! I get it and play through Warhammer 40,000 and Just Cause 2 which are great games by the way. So we jump to the present...

I now sit here, angry once again. It's not only a Tuesday, it's the first of July. The first Tuesday of July. That can only mean one thing. PlayStation Store is being updated with 3 new games and I know what they are! So I download Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and I tell my sister and she tells me to turn it on. I let her play a couple games and even though I'm not playing, I'm still having fun watching her play until she has to do my (other) cousins hair and I play a round or two. I get off so I can download Gotham City Imposters which I always wanted and Renegade Ops. It takes about an hour before finally they're both downloaded and installed. But wait. I go to the folder they are in and it says "No date found." and I'm confused. I go to turn off the PS3 and the icon takes a couple seconds to show up which never happens. I shut it off, turn it back on and


I need to restore my damn PlayStation. I'm pretty pissed because I think it's going to wipe my PS3 clean but I was told otherwise. So I let it restore. 8 hours later, it's 47%. 47 fucking percent in 8 hours! That means another 8 hours?! Seriously?! Fucking machine. I check back an hour later and I almost kill my cousin. No one has touched the PS3 but it seems to have restarted by itself and now it's back at 0%. Great. Just FUCKING GREAT. I WASTE 9 HOURS OF FUCKING ELECTRICITY TO GET FUCKED OVER?! FUCK YOU PLAYSTATION! I AM TIRED OF YOUR BITCHASS! FUCK YOU!

So I unplug my PS3 and almost throw that shit across the room. I put it behind my ottoman where it'll be for the next 3 weeks because I'm leaving to Dominican Republic on Saturday for 2 weeks. Yes, that's a Spanish island outside of America. So when I get my ass back to New York 2 weeks from now, I'm going to have to go to my grandmothers house and restore my PS3 again because she doesn't pay for light so I won't be using up my electricity.

tl;dr - I have terrible fucking experiences with ALL PlayStation products. Not only PS3. I've owned about 3-4 PS2's, 3 PSP's, and 3 PS1's. Either I have terrible luck, SONY fucking hates my guts and the systems themselves are trying to make me go insane because if that's what they want, it's fucking COMING TO FRUITION!

I hate that I love SONY. Fuck them and PlayStation. Seriously.


About to play RDR. Tips?

My brother went to my friends house and he's going to borrow Red Dead Redemption. I haven't played it before and I know some people here have so anyonne have any tips for me? Like what kind of things to take, sell, places to go. Stuff like that. 


Which game should I beat before my break ends?

So I got to borrow my cousins PS3 and I'm going to keep it until the end of my winter recess. It ends next Monday. So my cousin gave me Final Fantasy XIII and my friend gave me Fallout New Vegas. I already put like 9-10 hours in New Vegas but the game is so extremely hard with the factions like the Powder Gang shooting at me as soon as they see me or those Deathclaws and Deathkin running at mach speed and destroying me. I loved Fallout 3 and I feel like New Vegas is nowhere as awesome as Fallout 3. But I still love Fallout. This one is just going to take a lot of time to get through. I also got hands on in FF XIII once and I disagree with everyone because I pretty much enjoyed it. So now my question is: 
Should I stay playing New Vegas or should I jump into FF XIII?    


Got 3 games from my friend for free yesterday!!!

So I went to Long Island yesterday to my godmothers house and her nephew lives right across the street so I went to his house. He got a new alienware computer for christmas which he uses to now play World of Warcraft. Yuck. He had a 360 but now he has the new 360 slim. He had the 160 GB PS3 since 2008 and he hardly plays it. Only if he gets games for it, he'll play it but besides that, it's collecting dust on his dresser. So I always either take PS2 games because he doesn't want them and borrow PS3 games. But I saw he had Assassin's Creed 2 and he said he had 2 copies of it so I just told him I was keeping it and he didn't care. Then he told me he didn't like MAG or LittleBigPlanet so he told me to take them. I also took Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the PS2 from him. So I got 4 free games in one day. Only problem is, I need a new PS3. So I won and lost at the same time. Oh well! 

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