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Started Outlast (Thanks PS+!). That game is scary as shit and so intense. I can't take it.

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GOTY 2013

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  • Yup, my game of the year and game of the generation (!) is The Last of Us. This game is literally perfect. I was about a month late to the party because I had no money to buy this game (Damn that B:I collectors edition!) but I managed to avoid EVERYTHING about it. The only thing I heard was that the beginning was possibly the best start to a video game ever and when I heard that, I had a clue about what it was and I wasn't wrong. When the end of the intro happens (Joel's daughter dies), I sat there almost about to cry, just fucking amazed from what I just experienced. Literally everything about this game is perfect to me. The voice acting (fucking bravo Troy & Nolan!), characters, gameplay, graphics, story, ending, etc. etc. I mean seriously, this game is from top to bottom amazing. I had not one problem with it. I started the game on hard so it was pretty damn challenging and just plain scary when I had to kill the infected. I played this game 4 times! First on hard, then hard+, then survivor and survivor+ and didn't get tired of it. I absolutely love this game.

  • Do you guys remember when this was first announced? I remember. The trailer started and it showed some water and the music playing made me think "Holy shit! A new Bioshock!?" and then the yelling and I thought "Big Daddy is back!: and then this guy gets thrown out a window and I just was confused and excited. The trailer played out and I was pumped. A new Bioshock! A new city! I'm excited cant breathe!! And boy did this game not deliver. My second favorite game this year. Great story, fantastic ending, solid gameplay, and a beautiful city. I was so excited when I got my hands on this game. I fucking bought the Ultimate Songbird Edition which was $150. I was that sold on the game. Man, what a hell of a game. That ending. My only gripe with the game as that it had a 2 weapon limit and not the weapon wheel. I was disappointed when I found out I dropped my machine gun for a shotgun. Butt dat ending!

  • I'm a sucker for neon and 80's music so when Blood Dragon was announced, I thought "Holy macaroni does that look great!" and it was! I had a ton of fun playing this game, just like with the base game, Far Cry 3. The lines and characters were cheesy, story was dumb and awesome and the end of the game was probably one of the best end levels ever. A hand laser beam thing and then riding a dragon with cannons. Seriously, it doesn't get better then that. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is radical. It's gnarly. It's tubular. 80's!

  • Hey guys! Sly's back! On PS3! I mean really guys. That's all I have to say. Sly 2: Honor Among Thieves was my favorite PS2 game, platformer and favorite game out of Sly, Ratchet & Jak. So naturally I was super excited when this was announced. The game stayed true to the roots of the old games while adding in some new things like cartoon cut scenes, costumes with abilities and some gorgeous cel-shaded graphics. Most would say it stayed to close to the original Sly trilogy but honestly, what can they do different with a raccoon stealth-platformer? Not much in my eyes. The game was great and I hope Sanzaru has another one in the works for PS4. I'd literally cry.

  • Its been 5 years since Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto V is now out. World explodes. I will always love the GTA series so it's no surprise that the highest grossing, fastest grossing game of the year and ever is on my list. Originally, this game was number 3 but I just moved it to 5 because I realized the next 2 games were not technically better, but just more memorable and fun. Not to say GTA V is either but I loved them more. Anyway, GTA V is a damn great game. As usual, the characters are crazy, dicks and some literally balls to the wall crazy, *cough cough* Trevor. The highlight of this game were the heists. They were so fun to play and pull off. I also loved all the little details they put into it like whoever you're playing as looks in the mirror when you click the right analog stick to see behind you, your flip flops flip and flop, playing catch with Chop and pretty much everything else about the game.

    Now onto GTA Online. I absolutely love it. When it launched, the only problem I had was that my character disappeared after making her but it didn't bother me because I made the character, finish the first cutscene, game froze and lost her so I didn't do anything. Another problem was that 3 of my cars disappeared but I quickly got my money back from doing the "Violent Duct" mission a million times, although this happened like 3 weeks after launch of the Online. But it was pretty much smooth sailing for me and I'm glad because the problems people were having scared the crap out of me. I really didn't want to lose my character. My time in GTAO is 87 hours so I've played a lot. I stopped playing about a month ago though because I got tired of it. I'm just waiting for them to patch the heists in. I really want to rob banks with my friends. Another good thing that is also a bad thing is that GTAO is using the almighty cloud. But forget the bad thing. The good thing is that Rockstar can do anything they want with the game anytime, like snow!

  • Another game where I never played the previous installments but knew I had to play. Once again, I was surprised by how much I liked this game although I knew I'd like it. I didn't think it'd be GOTY material for me until I killed about 6 people in like 3 seconds. It was just an awesome moment that made me love the game. This game is the definition of stealth action. Strikes a perfect balance between the two. On top of that, the games looks beautiful and plays so damn good. I had no problem with the voice actor being different because I didn't play any other Splinter Cell so I think the VA was pretty good. Sam's voice was kind of tough but old at the same time. So yeah, I liked his voice. Go ahead and cry. Anyway, the story was pretty good and the end fight was so awesome. Oh man.

  • I never played a DmC game so I wasn't very interested in playing this. The only reason I played this was because Ninja Theory. I really enjoyed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West so I figured I should play this game. So I did. Best decision I made all year. The intro cut scene was so damn good that I immediately loved it. I liked the characters, gameplay was fun, story was great and going into Limbo was always cool. Honestly, I was completely surprised by how good this was and how much I liked it. So while the internet raged about Dante looking like a douche, I enjoyed the game. Pretty much my surprise of the year. It completely sucks though that this game sold bad because people. Ninja Theory is probably going to go under soon and that makes me sad.

  • When this game was revealed back in 2012, the only thing I said was "I AM SOLD ON A VITA!". I mean, how could you not be sold? The games adorable and uses all the Vita's functions without being annoying.The paper world looks great, the paper ripples around when wind is blown, crumples and rips when you use your finger and folds when you pull curtains apart. It's just really cool. The papercraft collectibles are cool too. You take a photo of white silhouettes that appear into the world and you get instructions to print out on how to make what you took a photo of with real paper. I might try it out but I'll probably fail at it. The best part is when you see yourself in the sun and you can make any silly face you want and screenshot it. It's really just a great little game and I hope we get some more unique games from Media Molecule.

  • Puppeteer is probably the second most charming game of 2013, right behind Tearaway. The presentation of the game is just fantastic. Seeing the levels change by different stages coming up is always fun to watch and it's just so damn cool. Dialogue is funny, characters are fun, the game looks absolutely fantastic, gameplay is a bit of a pain because jumping isn't floaty enough but it's good. The highlight of the game is probably the boss fights. They're fun and the QTE's that happen when you're ready to kill a boss is always awesome. This game is fantastic, that's all.