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Best of 2009

Here it is my favorite games of Two Thousand Nine,

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  • What more can be said about Uncharted 2. One of the best action adventures ever, Jaw dropping graphics, believable fallible characters with honest to goodness acting. One insane set piece after another, simply to much to handle on one play though. A near perfect shooting model, surprisingly deep multiplayer. Naughty dog got practically everything right with this one. The new high water mark.

  • Truthfully I have not finished Dragon Age yet, but after putting in over 30 hours, I can say for sure that this one of the years best. Classic pc rpg at its core, harking back to the old days. They don't make games like this anymore. Every choice you make has consequences, no Black and White, good or evil, everything is gray. Party members respond and react to my every action, and choice. I honestly care about these people. On top of all that, very solid highly detailed visuals, in an epic world filed to the brim with history and lore. This game has consume me.

  • Being a huge fan of Sucker punches sly cooper games, I was excited about this, there take on the open world super hero genre. I was not disappointed. Fell in love with the movement and smoothness of the controls, great highly satisfying action. With an ever growing set of agility's. Dug the Grafic novel storytelling, watching Cole come to grips with his powers and see him slowly becoming a Hero or Villain. On the top of my replay list.

  • A brilliant action platformer, engrossing and utterly fantastical fun.

  • Although I finished flowers "campaign" in one setting. I was deeply moved by its striking visuals and heartfelt message of Beauty and regrowth. Relaxing, calming, something you have to see and play to get. It flows style and grace, something rarely scene of in gaming. Games are Art indeed.

  • Fixing everything wrong with the first game, Assassins Creed II is tells a fantastic complex story, with a setting almost never seen. Huge city's packed with people, and almost endlessness side quest. There is so much to do and love. Of and Twin hidden blades!

  • The definitive racing game, perfection on the track.

  • One of the best looking games ever. Dark, gritty, violent, a showpiece. Some of the best most real feeling weapons in gaming. There is a weight and heft to them. Story is less than enthralling, and the action can get a bit repetitive. A solid multiplayer thrown in for good measure. I am a graphics whore and not afraid to admit it.

  • A new look and new approach to a familiar world. Classic halo with a more tactical approach, being human this time, and much more mortal. Tactically different enough from halo3 to not be repetitive, but with the same great feel. Fantastic new characters and a solid story. Firefight the most fun playing co-op I had this year.

  • Solid from beginning to end. Very nice visuals and great fighting. Taking everything great about batman, and setting him free in a dangerous environment. Literally tons of collectibles and replay value. Best stealth game of the year.

  • I love the Beatles. This game really couldn't lose in my mind. A great progression from there early days in England to there Abbey road sessions. A virtual Beatles documentary.

  • Loved the stylized visuals, the great shooting. Something simply fun about it. The near total lack of story and endless loot grind got to me in the end. But still love it, I see big things from this franchise.

  • What can I say, the single play is a rush. One unbelievable action set piece after another, each more insane and exhilarating than the last. Becomes almost exhausting to a point, a constant sense of one upping itself. Exciting and very fun, but almost to bombastic for it own good. Multiplayer is almost to much for me, guess i played to much of the first. Didn't sink its fangs into me yet...