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The Lost Games of 2009

My lost games, the ones that got away. For whatever reason I didn't give these games the attention they deserved, not finishing or never even starting them. Every attempt will be made to complete them in the new year, but with the onslaught of new games, this may be an insurmountable task.

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  • This one hurts. I love the Ratchet series, played everything they had on PS2. This one had such fantastic reviews a must play this soon. I need a fun action platformer, plus the rumor that this may be the last in the series makes me want to beat it more. FINISHED

  • Started this one over Christmas, and almost found myself as addict to it as I was to the first. Dragon Age reared its head and pulled me away. Cant wait to get back to it. FINISHED

  • Played the demo and was so close to buying on day one, the destructibility was so much in in the demo and I longed for more. Pick it up for steam during the Christmas sale. FINISHED

  • Don't have this one yet, there is just not enough time to sink into a deep game like this. Huge fan of the first. Gonna try and pick it up before Gran Turismo releases and consumes my racing fever. FINISHED

  • Totally missed Left 4 dead, but again snagged this one on steam. Only played it once put had a bloody good time and will be returning soon, with luck.

  • Have always loved Mario RPGs, form the classic on the SNES to the paper marios. In desperate need of a DS game, this may fit the bill. ABANDONED

  • Got it on Boxing day on sale, have played almost nothing on my Wii all year and I could not pass up a new 2D Mario. FINISHED

  • Cant believe i never got around to Monkey island, the series is one of my all time faves, and i fell in love with the remake. Bought a season pass, but never even finished the first, sigh...

  • Got on steam having heard nothing but great things, since diablo 3 is most likely not coming for another decade, this may fill the dungeon crawl void. FINISHED

  • How could I forget this one!? FINISHED