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A boy awakens unto a grayscale world 0

In a dark grayscale forest a pair of eyes open to the black world.   A boy awakens and departs into the silhouetted landscape. Towards an unknown and distant goal, driven by a hidden desire, a lonely journey begins, one fraught with danger. Fearsome terrifying creatures hunt the boy, vicious traps lay in his path, mysteries advisories stalk his ever move. Surviving against the darkness the boy moves ever forward, on to a dream. Limbo is something hard to explain, it’s not simply a game, but an e...

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A slow motion explosion of gore 0

Fear 2 is dark, I don’t mean it is a black disturbing game, which it is, I am referring to the general lack of luminesce. The game is literally bathed in darkness, every environment is hidden in black, dimly lit by flickering blubs and fading flashlight. The atmosphere of horror and spookiness is extremely well done, a constant barrage of blurred visions, eerie ghostly aspirations and deeply disputing scenes creating a wonderfully dark hallucination. Gunplay is very satisfying, the replica enem...

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4D platforming 0

To call it the greatest 3D platformer of all time is a misnomer, Super Mario Galaxy is the best example of 3D platforming available but it is so much more. It transcends the third dimension; it goes beyond simple conventions of gravity and perspective. And it does it with perfect control gorgeous, graphics and the highest quality of level design. The campaign moves very quickly, with the hub world gone in favor of a world map, it zips along from one inventive galaxy to another. No more hunting f...

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The art of world building 0

On a lonely windswept hill I witnessed a man huddled over a woman’s corpse, he wept and slowly pulled his revolver to his head. I reacted to slow and soon there were two corpses lying in the dirt. Events such as this tragic scene are what makes Red Dead Redemption truly stand out. A living breathing, decaying gray land, inundated with personality and incredible detail. Rarely do men get second chance a life an opportunity to set things right, John Marston is given a opening to make amends for hi...

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Gripping Atmospheric Cinema 0

A dark presence has consumed the town of Bright Falls, a nightmare has risen from the shadows. When sun fades the peaceful Washington town is transformed by evil.   Alan Wake arrives in Bright Falls on vacation, a successful novelist struggling with a case of writers block, escaping to a remote wilderness cabin to relax and refresh his creativity.  His loving, beautiful wife vanishes and Alan finds himself missing a week. In his amnesia the world has changed, a darkness flooded in and cursed the...

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A perfect Action platformer, utter brillance. 0

Shadow complex is a brilliantly designed action platformer, capturing the essence of Metroidvaniabetter than any title in years. It is addicting and utterly engrossing from start to finish, with great 3D visuals and impressive fast action. The game doesn’t waste time getting to the action, the narrative is largely in the background, but it is an interesting story of a secret army attempting to start a civic war in America and create an empire out of the ashes. I would have liked to have seen it ...

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A clever psychological exploration 0

At its conclusion Silent Hill: shattered memories presented a psychological profile of me, it had been watching and recording my every action, the path I toke and the decisions I made we being analyzed. The profile was remarkably accurate; it painted a picture of my game time, my obsessive compulsive nature, my unhurried nature, and my moral and ethical leanings. What begins as a simply tale of a father searching for his lost daughter in the snowbound village of silent hill, soon becomes an exp...

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Zen and the Art of Simulation Racing 0

Forza motorsport 3 does nothing extraordinary, there is nothing special about it. The visuals have improved, but not in any spectacular way, the car models are impressive, yet they seemed to be perfect last time around. Vehicle selection is vast and varied, it is however only slightly larger than last time. What Turn 10 as done with Forza 3 is not reinvent the wheel, but perfect it, there is nowhere to go from here. The driving simulator has been completed, this is it. I cannot even think how it...

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Classic Mario gameplay, in a cheap package. 0

 Something is different; it just doesn’t feel right, someone has changed. I’m not sure if it’s me or Mario but something is definitely amiss. I am not supposed to be reacting this way but the only thing that springs to mind when I think of New Super Mario Bros. Wii is its failures. I should be ecstatic, a new side scrolling Mario, a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros. 3, this is a dream come true, and yet I am not dreaming.    Once again the waggle strikes, Nintendo has taken my chi...

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An unnecessary, yet amazingly engrossing enjoyable sequel 0

Bioshock 2 was unnecessary, a forced sequel, 2K games attempt to create a franchise where it does not belong. The original Bioshock is a work of genius, an intimate exploration of a failed utopia and the eternal question of free will; it is a landmark in video game narrative and design. But it was complete, a full experience with no expansion required, it told its story and it was enough. And yet a sequel has arrived. I do not envy the developers at 2K Marine, their task was daunting, to build a...

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A spectacular mythological genocide 0

  For ten hours I was in awe, slack jawed at the utter brutality on parade, wowed by the scale and unimaginably carnage. God of War III stands as a true spectacle, one incredible set-up after another, visually stunning, near perfect gameplay, God of War III is overwhelming. Beginning at the very moment that the previous game ended; with Kratos riding the Titan Gaia as she leads her kind against the Gods of Olympus, the narrative really never attains the level of adventure of previous entries, t...

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A methodical character driven experience 2

   The first 20 hours of Final Fantasy XIII were a drag, I was confused and let down, my spirits sagged and I nearly gave up. But then it clicked, everything came together and the world made sense again. Final Fantasy 13 is very slow at revealing itself, every aspect develops painfully slow, taking time to form an exceptional game; the story takes forever to be explained, the characters themselves fight with their fate, struggling with meaning and direction, the combat is so methodically establ...

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An emotional reaction 0

 I’m exhausted, my heart is still racing. Heavy Rain is a punishing experience, both physically and emotionally. The roller-coaster of events, shocking twists and riveting action kept me very literally on the edge of my seat. This is a new form of narrative, an entirely different way to experience a story, to be drawn into its mystery have impact on its events.  Forgoing traditional controls, every action is performed with a context sensitive movement or timed button press.   Every option from ...

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A classic Diablo style loot gind 0

  There is no denying Torchlight’s lineage, developed by member of Diablo’s original team, Torchlight takes the classic gameplay of Diablo and doesn’t mess with it. It is a small utterly addicting game and one of the best values of the year. The narrative begins simply enough, the mining town of Torchlight has come under the sway of dark forces; the magic ember uncovered deep in the earth has tainted the mines, unleashing untold evil. A single enormously deep, randomly generated dungeon and a si...

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A brutal vision of War 0

  I’m a bit late on this one, ok so I am over a year late. But I think having played World at War after having finishing Modern Warfare 2 gave me a very unique perspective on the game, and its place in the series. World War II is back, I know that a lot of people are sick and tired of games based on the last Great War, it is understandable; as a society we have long been obsessed with the war. Not only games but in virtually every form of media. There is no getting around it; World War II was th...

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Enormously fun, but painfully flawed 0

 Red Faction Guerilla does one thing very well; it does one thing better and more enjoyably than almost any game in the past. Stuff falls over very well, buildings crumble, towers crash to the floor, and bridges fall. When it focuses on the pure joy of destructibility, Red Faction is one of the most amusing times I have had this year, but as is sometimes the case, it tries too hard to be a different game. The story is there, somewhere buried under the ruble. From the opening cinematic on it is i...

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Pure fun the best in the series 0

 Ratchet and Clank has become a something of a comfort food for me, each new iteration beaming with the same warm welcoming characters, the simple utterly enjoyable gameplay. Every new game bringing a new galaxy spanning adventure, evolving just enough and retaining the same entertaining world and humor. Insomniac’s latest episode in the venerable series is everything I wanted it to be, and is undoubtedly the most complete and meaningful of the series. Separated at the end of the last game, Ratc...

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A tremendously fun ride, edge of your sest excitement. 0

 There are moments when it just clicks, rushing down a hill at breakneck speeds, barely hanging on, the road only just visible blurring beneath your wheels. It all come together and I fall in to a groove, rally racing at its purest, sheer terror in your eyes as you take hairpin corners at insane speeds, bouncing and tumbling across the over grown back roads of some exotic track; exhilarating and almost tiring, a tremendous amount of attention and pure skill to simply survive, maintain some level...

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Insanely Funny and full of style let down by lackluster gameplay. 0

   I wanted to love Brutal Legend, even before it was released. I fought with myself, trying be converted by the game, and although there are many part I do indeed love. Ultimately the game here is a failure. Tim Schafer is a genius, and a personal hero of mine. A long storied career including true classics, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango. Retuned to the scene after a long absence in 2004 with the incredible Psychonauts. With Brutal Legend we see him team with actor Jake Black ...

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Tremendous old school shooter fun, so close to greatness. 0

  With the Pixel Junk series Q-games has been positioned as one of the top tear downloadable developers. There latest entry Pixel Junk Shooter is no exception. But falls ever so short greatness. Containing some of the best and most fun to play PSN titles to date the pixel junk series is a favorite of many gamers. Classic game play with cutting age 2d graphics and a stylistic sense of art. Shooter continues this tradition. Set in the distant future players take control of a small rescue vessel se...

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Unrivaled in its beauty and artistry. 0

 Flower is simply one of the most beautiful awe inspiring games I have ever played, the review can end there, Go download Flower. A strange title to say the least, flower is about as unique as they come. Coming from That game company, the studio behind Flow. There is no real protagonist to speak of, you control the wind blowing a small flower pedal through a grassy field. Opening other flowers as you touch them, gradually bringing the world to life and amassing a trail of pedals behind you. Spee...

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Defining the art of the sequel, 0

The First Assassins Creed was a love it or hate it kind of game, most praised it for the expansive environments filled to the brim with people and featuring some of the best animation in the industry. It was however attacked, rightly so, for a lack of variety in the core missions. The team at Ubisoft Montreal as set out to address these issues in the sequel. Assassins Creed II begins at the exact moment that the first ended, our real world hero Desmond staring at the strange matrix like code...

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