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I am pretty huge on returning to games. Sometimes walking away with a different take on the game or just returning to my favorites. I have no idea how many times I have actually played theses games but I will try to date when I originally played them.

  • Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) - Never played the original games but I gave this a shot when it launched (2004) and hated the game. Met a good friend of mine who got me to retry in 2006/2007 on the original release of the game. Really enjoyed my time with it then I learned about Ninja Gaiden Black which I know I have beat over 20 times but I have played the game much more then that. Not sure when but I did beat the game on Master Ninja(? Can not remember the hardest difficult for the life of me) I pretty much only remember this because how easy the last boss was. I also picked up Sigma on the PS3 and beat it quite a few times on there, it was where I returned in most recent years. This is hands down an all time favorite of mine, I love this genre of games and this one was the easily my favorite (Even if DMC3 has some cooler looking stuff in it). Last time I played it was right before selling my PS3 to get a PS4 (2015), have not had the urge to play again but hopefully they port the game over to PC or PS4 at some point. Hopefully that new Team Ninja game is good!
  • Devil May Cry 3 - Another game I played at launched and hated. Took me a few weeks to finally get through the game the first time and by the end I was in love with it. Really loved the past games though I felt DMC2 was worse then DMC1 but was young and still enjoyed it. I returned to this game all the time after it launched (2005) but have not gone back in a long time. I wouldn't mind doing so but after DMC4 and New DMC I just don't care as much. Hopefully they can make a real squeal one day.
  • Old Westwood games - I play old west wood games about once a year. Usually Tiberium sun as it was the first one I played from them. This game is what started my love of Strategy games which I played pretty heavily. I keep origin launcher installed on my computer for those games alone. I also have Star Craft 1 on my PC at all times as I often get an urge to return to that game as well, though I really miss the online custom games at this point.
  • RE4 - This is another game I have beat 20+ times at this point. Done a few pro runs but the game is really not that fun on Pro due to having to knife everything to save ammo. I loved the drop onto PC, sunk in a few hours and almost 100% the game. Dreading the pro run. Funny enough I played Game cube launch (2005) and disliked the game. Didn't finish playing through the game till the PS2 launch (2007) and returned to it for quite a long time untill the Wii Launch (2007) and played the game countless times on there. Last time I played was 2014.
  • Diablo 2 - This is a true love. I have no idea how to put this game into words but it was basically my life for 3-4 years. Sunk years into this game. Luckily for me I was able to bypass the Diablo 3 pay wheel and move onto Path of Exile rather easily. I know feel almost no need to return to Diablo 2 at this point though I did play it last year with a friend who had never played. Been playing Path of Exile since the stat of 2003 and will continue to sink hours into as Grinding Gear Games keeps supporting their game for free.
  • COD 4 - Played from launch (2007) beat the game 100% before starting online, took about 3 months. Then was a big slide into FPS genre for me. I had played old unreal games before and almost every Pc shooter but this was my first game with friends. Meet a really amazing group of people and played every day for about 7+ hours. I wish I could return to this game still but the PC version is pretty much only has bots and the console version is dead of course. I wish a COD game would grip me like this did but sadly none of them did. Last time I played was 2011.

I think that wraps up the major ones. I have some old ones I don't return to now, mostly n64 games (OoT being the biggest, use to rent it every time I got sick during 4-6 grade and I got sick pretty often, maybe 10 times a year). Battle Zone 2 was another game, I wish GoG would finally nail that down. Any game out of the Ace Combat series with AC5 being my favorite. Any Fire Emblem game including Sacred stones and before, dislike everything after. Assassins Creed 1 and Brother Hood, I have beaten both of these 5 or more times, stopped enjoying the series after brotherhood. Any Dynasty Warriors game when I get the itch for those games, really enjoy xtream legends 8 on PC. Kotor games, pretty have no need to return to any old bioware game other then these two, enjoyed both, currently doing a run of Kotor 2 with the expanded mod thanks to Austin. God of War should be on the list but the rest of the series left such a bad taste in my mouth I have no returned to the original in forever. I did beat God of War 1 on the hardest difficulty, yes I manged that second phase of the boss fight with the clones. I currently have a friend who still does not believe I have beaten it because how difficult it was. Thanks for reading! Returning to old games is my favorite part of gaming, I love reliving old games.

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@mike: sounds good, also Mike. We posted some stuff around before and just PM'd codes. I'll look and see what's going on here, thanks!

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I was looking through my Humble Bundle account and noticed I have lots of unclaimed keys for stuff that I'd like to give away! There's no sense in having that stuff just sit around so giving it to the Giantbomb community seems like the best bet! Is there a specific place to do something like that or is that just here in General?

Also, is this something of a nono here? I have legit key's and everything but bundles often have games I already own so... what do I do?


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Sorry about the late replies, people! I dont normally post on the forum.

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I too also have keys! I was gonna give them out on Twitter but you guys are better :D

Humble Bundle 6

  • Dustforce (Steam)
  • Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles (With multiplayer key? WTF is that...), and Jamestown (Steam)

Humble Bundle 7

  • Indie Game: The Movie (Steam)
  • Legend of Grimrock (Steam)
  • Cave Story+ (Steam)
  • Offspring Fling (Steam)

Humble Bundle 8

  • Dear Esther (Steam)
  • Hotline Miami (Steam)
  • Tiny and Big in Grandpa's Leftovers (Steam)

Humble Bundle V

  • Bastion (Steam)

Humble Origin Bundle

  • Mirror's Edge (Steam)

Humble Weekly Sale: Telltale Games

  • The Walking Dead (Steam)

I have Origin keys but I'll update it later ^^ Message me for things


I'd actually like to use the Sims 3 keys but I figure you guys can have the rest. I have all the games on Steam so, hopefully that ends up being okay. I'll make the list for the ones no one has asked for


  • Dead Space
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
  • Crysis 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • Medal Of Honor
  • Mirror's Edge
  • Battlefield 3