Game of The Year 2016

List items

  • All the great multiplayer of the first game, and now with a campaign that mixes things up considerably and gets more crazy as it reaches its conclusion. Double jumping, wall running, and piloting a Titan all feel as good as ever. It's a fantastic package all-around.

  • The campaign is incredible. It's a fast, intense ride all the way through. The maps sprawl, secrets are hidden everywhere, and combat is fantastic. If the multiplayer were less like the other shooters out there and SnapMap more flexible, this would easily be #1.

  • I like how Hitman gives a lot of freedom in its levels. I also like how it's suited to multiple play styles. If you just want to off your targets in multiple ways, you can use the opportunities and challenges to find your way there. If you want to explore the map and discover things on your own, you can disable many of the aids, like the minimap and instinct mode. Either way, observing targets, scoping the area, and setting things up for a clean hit is lots of fun.

  • Getting to be in charge of a festival was the next logical step for this series. It comes with a lot of perks, like choosing where to set up the next festival site, blueprinting bucket list challenges and races, and even getting Groove Music integration so I can race to my own tunes. The main game is improved by marking progression through fans earned, and making fans gainable through means other than racing. Driving through Australia is constantly wonderful. The conclusion falls flat, I wish convoys and drivatars were more important, and blueprints aren't as feature-packed as I hoped, but otherwise this game took me away.

  • Superhot's central mechanic, moving time only when the player does, makes for some really awesome-looking scenes. Shooting some guys, throwing the gun at another guy, grabbing the gun he dropped out of the air, and shooting more guys with it is just one of the many cool things I did.

  • Damn, this game looks great. It plays pretty well too. It's got some levels from the original, along with some new stuff that fits in pretty well. It controls as great as I remember, and the weapons, while not all new, are fun to use. If only in-game cutscenes were better.

  • Bravely Second improves upon the original by adding features like fighting consecutive battles for better rewards, adding jobs with more interesting mechanics, making the villains more sympathetic, and making the endgame much less repetitive. While I eventually burnt out while playing the first one, I stuck with Bravely Second to the end.

  • I dig how the plot is more grounded this time around, and properly puts an and to Drake's tale. The firefights and setpiece moments are as great as ever. I only wish there were more things I could do during stealth portions.

  • Overwatch is really fun when I'm with some friends. Coordinating a team, having everyone properly play their role, and pushing our way to victory feels great. What makes it even better is when one of our awesome moments is the Play of the Game, and everyone gets to see the awesome thing we did. I think that's the best part of Overwatch; it does its best to be accommodating, through PotG, upvoting match highlights, and even things like frequent voice clips from the other characters for things like when you're being shot from behind.

  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is a fantastic update to the original. The combat's reworked to play more like Dragon's Crown and Muramasa, the progression is improved, the inventory is less cumbersome, and growing plants is less of a pain. However, the classic mode is still there with its old mechanics for those who want to play that way. It's a great package all around.