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BabyChooChoo Presents BabyChooChoo's Top 10 Games of 2016 (Sponsored by BabyChooChoo)

Let's get to it.

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  • Previously released on the Vita, Gravity Rush finally made the jump to consoles. Normally I wouldn't put remasters on my list, but this was my first time playing this game.

    And what a magical experience it was.

    What it may lack in detailed visuals and nuanced combat, Gravity Rush makes up for it with heart. Every step of the way, you're rooting for Kat. You want her to succeed. You want to protect the city. You want to discover what's really going on.

    In between all that though? there's just nothing else quite like shifting gravity, launching yourself into the clouds, clearing half the city in seconds, letting yourself go into a freefall, and stopping your descent right before you touch the ground.

    It may sound somewhat difficult, but's not. And that's the point. It's a simple game in many regards, but it never stops being fun.

  • What seems like nothing more than a bunch of Final Fantasy fanservice, quickly evolves into a funny and heartwarming adventure...that just happens to include to some of your favorite Final Fantasy characters.

    The visuals are full of color and style. The music can hold it's own against even mainlines entries in the franchise.

    The combat, while simplistic, is right up my alley. Plenty of classic Final Fantasy creatures to choose from that, despite bringing back memories of all the times they tried to kill you in games past, you can't help but find adorable.

    Though I guess everything is kinda adorable in this game and that's a-okay.

  • Remember that time that one remaster not only updated the visuals and framerate, but went back and added original content, updated the A.I., tweaked and added new difficulty options, overhauled major gameplay mechanics, brushed up the story, added new modes, and then gave you the original game for free as a bonus?

    No? Well now you do because Odin Sphere Leifthrasir did all that.

    This right here is what all remasters should aspire to be.

  • This right here is what I had always hoped Pokemon Stadium would be. While it doesn't boast the full roster of murderous little critters, the few that are present are all great, unique choices. The combat is fast, flashy, and exactly what 7-year old me always dreamt about.

    Also, I didn't know what the hell a Gardevoir was before I played this. Now it's one of my favorite Pokemon.

  • I can't even begin to describe what's going on this game. There are dragons and time travel. There's a plague spreading accross the planet. Turns out cat people used to in Atlantis. It's nuts.

    But gosh darn it, this is one solid rpg. The setting is unqiue. The locales are varied. The characters are all fun. The classes all feel distinct and, more importantly, useful. To top it all off, it has one of the best, most catchy soundtracks I've heard in quite some time.

  • I never thought a game would be able to capture the magic of old Harvest Moons for me.

    I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

    Someone help. I need an intervention! But do it after I harvest these crops. And after I finish making all this cheese. And after I finish planning out my distillery. And after I go explore the woods. And after I finish redecorating my house. And after I finish making friends with all the townsfolk.

    What I'm trying to say is that I don't need an intervention and can totally quit whenever I want. It just so happens I don't want to because I have shit I need to do first.

  • A group of Japanese pop idols band together to protect the populace from evil Mirages hellbent on stealing their performa.

    I could explain any of that to you, but I won't. This game is my kind of dumb. And although I found the music to be somewhat lacking, that didn't take away from the wonderful combat system, fun characters, and this game's amazing sense of ssssstyle.

  • I bought it on a whim. Wasn't really sure what to expect.

    Cut to a few hours later and I'm desperately chasing after fish trying to find out what it is and if I can ride on it's back. Somewhere along the line, I swam with some blue whales (which literally had me gaping in awe) had made friends with a shark.

    I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but the ocean seems like a cool place.

  • It's good to be back.

    It's been 15+ years since I've last touched a Pokemon game and as much as things have changed, it's like I never stopped playing.

    Tried and true formula that's easy to get into and no less fun that when I was in elementary school.

  • I was never a huge fan of roguelikes, but this one immediately piqued my interest the moment I saw it.

    PS1-era visuals, tons of weapons, action-oriented gameplay, a bumpin' soundtrack, and so much more.

    This game was made for me and I love the developer for it.