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Let me love you! 0

As I loaded up one of Steep's many 'Mountain Stories' for the first time, I was excited to see what the game had in store for me. It drops me at the top of a beautifully rendered locale with a seemingly clear path down and gives me only objective: Follow the Rider.I begin my descent down and suddenly I hear a warm, passionate voice coming through through the speakers. This mysterious voice tells me of all she has to offer - the endless snow covering her body, her captivating scenery, her ability...

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A beautiful mess by any other name. 4

Ah, Guild Wars 2. It's finally here.Sadly, I wish it wasn't.First off, let me just say I think it is a good game. Hell, it's great in some spots. Though, as good as it may be, it's plagued by an endless stream of weird design decisions and, surprisingly, what feels like a general lack of ambition in key areas.When cranked up to it's highest settings, Guild Wars 2 looks amazing. Parts of the world are bright and colorful and often contain tons of variation. From the top of a snow-covered mountain...

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