The Metagame: Ana vs. Ben!

It's intern vs. editor, and things get absolutely ben-anas!

Two of the artiest art games ever are pitted against each other in a contest of artsiness! Do you think one of these two made a better case for their particular artgame? Let us know who you picked and why in the comments below! Gracias, homies!


Romancecast #3

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It's the third (and possibly the last) episode of the Romancecast! Whoaaaaa!

Download (MP3)

This week, we talk about Red Dead Redemption, Scarecrow, video game all-nighters, slugs and a bunch of other things I won't divulge here. Also: we totally slip up and accidentally refer to Arkham Asylum as Arkham City a couple of times. Don't freak out!!

Thanks for listening to this stupid thing, duders!


The Metagame: Vinny vs. Nick!


In today's episode, I try his best to go up against Vinny, who is playing the Metagame for the first time. At least , it seems like he is. But what about that other video? NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE

As usual, if you'd like to leave us a comment letting us know who you think took this battle and why, we'd really appreciate it! <3


The Metagame: Nick vs. Ben!

Your two favorite Whiskey Media interns square off at long last in The Metagaaaame!

As per, if you have a strong feeling as to who came out on top, just drop us a comment letting us know who won in your eyes (and why)! Also, if your comment is not well-thought-out and constructive, we will lock you in a time capsule for 1,000 years. So definitely consider that first.


The Metagame: Joey vs. Ben!

Video producer Joey Fameli throws down against intern Ben Pack in a battle of wits, moderated by none other than Cool Baby.

This time around, the contestants take on an uncharacteristically introspective question. Who do you think was the better battler? Let us know who won in the comments!

Oh, also: if you want to see the rest of the Metagame videos, we've organized them into a YouTube playlist for your viewing pleasure right here! Enjoy! <3


The Metagame: Nick vs. Ana!

Metagamin' it up! Even on Sunday! No one can stop the Metagame Train, y'all.

In today's episode, we catch Tested video producer Ana Hurka-Robles in a rare on-camera appearance as she Metagame-battles me. Who will come out victorious in this contest of video game artistry? There's only one way to find out, and it's by watching that video up there! So, like, click it, duders!

Also, let us know who you think had the better argument (and why) in the comments! We totes value your input, you guys. Totes.


The Metagame: Vinny vs. Ben!

It's intern against producter in this heart-stoppingly exciting installment of the Metagame! Without giving anything away: this week's episode involves artistry. Pixelated artistry.

Good arguments by both sides this time around (PFFFT)! Who do you guys think won? Let us know in the comments!


The Metagame with Nick and Matt: Round 3!

The final round of the Metagame between the two glasses-est interns is here, and it is BY FAR the most bizarre round yet!

So, yeah! Expect more of these very soon (like, tomorrow-soon), and expect us to pull all sorts of Whiskey Media staffers in on the fun! We're changing up the format slightly - instead of a drawn-out, "best two out of three" battle, we're going to switch to a more sudden death-ish experience. Expect future episodes of the Metagame to be one-offs between pairings of Whiskey Media contributors who you probably haven't ever seen in the same frame before. That's all I'm gonna say!


Place your bets for the Internalympics and win HELLA PRIZES!

Hey, how do you guys feel about competitions? Do you feel pretty good about 'em? Please say yes.

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Basically, we're holding a totally ridiculous intern event called the Internalympics. It'll be a one-off video series wherein the other three Whiskey Media interns and I compete in four-player, free-for-all local multiplayer games. We're not ready to commit quite yet to which games you'll see (we've made our decision on which games we'll potentially play, but a lot of it comes down to availability), but expect a moderately wide variety of genres to be represented.

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So where do you guys come in? I'm glad you asked, actually! This office is practically brimming with weird, cool, game-related things, and we've been looking for an excuse to mail some of that stuff far, far away from here. So yeah! Prizes! For you guys! For free!!

How do you qualify to win these glorious prizes? Well, we're going by Scrub League rules, gents. That means this: simply vote right here on which intern you think will win the competition right here, and we'll select our winners from those of you shrewd enough to pick the winningist intern. Winners begetting winners. Isn't that beautiful?

Anyways, yeah! Expect the first episode of Internalympics to go up on the official Giant Bomb YouTube channel beginning next week. Hugz 'n kissezzzz!