My Most Anticipated games of E3

In no particular order

List items

  • A spiritual successor to Rez! I have been dreaming of this day! With awesome music and trippy visuals, this looks like the ultimate chillout game

  • Ico and SotC are 2 of the greatest ps2 games ever made. With the improved hardware of the ps3 I can not wait to see what team ico will do

  • While it ain't episode 3, portal 2 is shaping up to be a worthy successor to one of the most unique game ever. With co-op and a longer campaign, this will almost make up for the years of waiting for the last of Half Life epsiodes

  • The gameplay footage shows that this could be an interesting action game, plus it's metal gear!

  • While I havn't played the first 2 the setting and persistent multiplayer have me optimistic.

  • More DICE multiplayer always makes me happy