Obligatory "I made a blog to finish the quest" blog.

Actually this is about Quests in general and how I love some of it and hate other parts.  Well hate is a strong word.  I have some problems with it.
The first thing is Quests show how much better the site search feature could be.  At least the central search bar.  Why can't I add the category it pertains to in parenthesis?  Like ghost (concept) to narrow the search down to only concepts.  
The other thing is that it's pretty sad that so many people are adding updates out of nowhere because it gives them a leg-up on a quest.  Friends I haven't seen updates on for many many months throw one on there.  It's kind of annoying actually.
This has already been said but some of those clues are goddamn vague.  I have been keeping honest and avoiding the forums until the initial spoiler trend ends.  However the clues are weird and some intuitive answers are wrong.  Like how are Skeletons not a typical monster in an RPG?  That and some quests are tied to shit that I consciously avoid having like a Twitter or Facebook account.  I'm not making them just to do the quest but there it will be unfinished.  Oh well.
That and I've found that links within the quest module don't go to the pages.  Like "go to the [insert] page" and it doesn't link me to it.


My Favorite Rap Collectives

I had a hankerin' to make a list but because this is a video game website, it will have to come in blog form.
This will probably change over time if I remember any.  Also some members of collectives will overlap.

  • Native Tongues Posse
    - A Tribe Called Quest
    - Jungle Brothers
    - De La Soul
    - Black Sheep
    - Prince Paul
    - Leaders of the New School
    - Chi Ali
    - Queen Latifah
    - Monie Love
  • D.I.T.C. (Diggin' in the Crates Crew)
    - Diamond D
    - Showbiz & AG
    - Buckwild
    - Lord Finesse
    - OC
    - Big L
  • Hieroglyphics (includes the Souls of Mischief)
    - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
    - Casual
    - Domino
    - Pep Love
    - A-Plus
    - Opio
    - Tajai
    - Phesto
    - DJ Toure
  • Wu-Tang Clan
    - Gza/Genius
    - Rza
    - METHOD Man
    - Inspectah Deck
    - Raekwon
    - Ghostface Killah
    - Masta Killa
    - U-God
    - ol' Dirty Bastard
    - Cappadonna
  • Soulquarians (non hip-hop members excluded)
    - ?uestlove
    - Common
    - Talib Kweli
    - Mos Def
    - Q-Tip
    - James Poyser
    - J Dilla
  • Monsta Island Czars (M.I.C.) [unsure membership roster and collective name in parenthesis]
    - MF Doom (King Geedorah)
    - MF Grimm (Jet Jaguar)
    - Onyx (Rodan)
    - DJ Subroc (SpaceGodZilla)
    - Kurious (Biolante)
    - Tommy Gunn (Megalon)
    - (Kamackeris)
    - (King Caesar)
    - (Kong)
    - (Spiega)
    - (Gigan)
    - A bunch others I can't confirm


My Issue With Street Fighter IV

I think I finally need to just put this in writing as opposed to running around my house yelling to myself.  I recently played Street Fighter IV having never played a Street Fighter game thinking this is finally going to be the game to get into that genre.  Wrong.  So wrong in fact that I'm still irritated by it days later.  This is more an issue of principle than anything so it may seem a little meh to some people but I don't care at this point.

I made a thread asking for a fighting alternative to SFIV if I already played games like MK and SC a lot.  I pretty much concluded that I should try Tekken like I assumed from the beginning.  But I digress.  This may get into the state of fighting games and it probably will because SFIV is a perfect example of what's wrong with the genre.  It's actually not as bad off as people make it out to be, but it's not healthy either.

The one thing that SFIV does that really pisses me off to no end is that focuses on the higher end of the fighting game spectrum and leaves you hanging.  What?  Let me explain.  For years people have praised Street Fighter for elevating the genre beyond it's simple beginnings into something much more substantial.  However because we no longer live in the area of the arcade, the assumption that people coming in to play the game already know what's going on must go.  It's also the issue with the RTS genre which is making much better progress it seems.  I am fully capable of most, if not all the moves in probably any fighting game.  I've played enough Street Fighter IV to know that it's a great game and one I am capable of eventually learning.  I have committed many hours to learning Scorpion in every MK game and Mitsurugi in every SC along with being proficient in a few others.  The issue of capability isn't one at all.

It really comes down to how SFIV doesn't do anything to compliment the fact that the meat of the game is above the basic moves the game provides you.  I got the impression that the game didn't want me to get it, it just wanted those people who already knew how to play.  Now I know the game is different from other Street Fighters so everyone had to learn new moves but it's a much different story if you've never played a SF game before.

If a game takes the complicated approach but doesn't do anything to help that, what am I supposed to think?  Good job let me dive right in?  It's like giving a kid a Calculus 1 textbook who has never taken it before, and telling him to just 'go".  Anyone can probably put the work in, take the time, and learn the subject matter, but that's not how it should be done.  There should be something more than the Challenge Mode to teach people how to play.  It shouldn't spoon feed you everything, but it surely doesn't do anything more than giving you grocery money for the week.

The more and more I think about it, the more I understand where people are coming from when they say they don't play fighting games.  I don't blame them for having that perception of them being too technical, too complicated, or just too much.  It's partly true but when the game itself and the surrounding culture (ie all the players of a game like SFIV) reinforce it to a certain degree, no wonder progress is slow.  Don't get me wrong, I love fighting games, and I bet I could love Street Fighter if I was familiar with it, but it shouldn't be mandatory.  Either what I consider the low end (basic moves and gameplay) needs to be fleshed out, or I need to get to the high end in a fun or meaningful way.  If the game makes no effort to get me where I should be, why would try and meet it halfway when it won't?  At that point, I'll just play another game.

But the usual response to this is, "do your homework and you'll get better".  At what point am I paying money for work?  An article on The Escapist talked about the state of the way video games teach players about mechanics, method, and theory.  It continues to come back in my head as I debate this...in my head.  The burden is on the developer to make the game either engaging to learn, or a diverse range so people of all interest levels can see a good game.  I can't help but think the phrase "fan service" when a game expects you to know how to play if it take the more complex route.  Extreme examples are BlazBlue and Arma II.

In the end I'll get a decent controller for my PC, try again, learn the game just fine, and enjoy it just fine.  But at the back of my mind, it angers me beyond reason the means I need to get to that desired end.  I want to yell at the game, "I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IT THIS WAY!" followed my many expletives.  This post may seem like a bunch of hot air to someone who is familiar with the franchise, but as a newcomer to SF, I find it seems to resonate with people in the same boat. 


My Mass Effect End Game Dillema (MAD Spoilers)

This only makes sense if you finished Mass Effect and know a bit about Mass Effect 2.  One of the major decisions that you're faced with at the end of ME1 is whether or not to save the Council.  At the time (my first playthrough) I assumed that saving the Council meant losing the game or having the Sovereign succeed.  I also thought that you had to start a new career in order to replay the game.  I was mistaken both times.  Either decision leads to Sovereign death and New Game Plus means I can go back as the same Shepard and make the decision again.

My dilemma comes in when BioWare says Mass Effect 2 will carry major decisions made during ME1 according to your save game.  I am happy with all the other decisions I made (killing Ashley and having Liara as my love interest) except this one because I assumed it would be more important than it actually was.  So removing the sovereign factor, I know have to make that decision based solely on whether I want the Council in Mass Effect 2.

I don't want to change my decision because the point of those choices is to live with them but I want to change it because it was made under false pretenses.  I'm worried that choosing one or the other will mean more or less content.  The storyline can branch to a certain point given the logistics of writing and development so there has to a certain amount of canon outcomes.  I simply don't know what to do.  Does anyone else have any ideas?


Straight Up!

After the whole "Achievements" update and school (finally) starting to wind down, I finally get back into some internet shenanigans.  One of these said shenanigans will be to edit the stuff I've wanted to for so long and it looks like people have mostly left that stuff for me to edit.  Great! because I need a lot more Wiki points.


I'm Back Baby!..Again (Just Read)

As some people (or person depending on who you ask) you can see that I have been pretty absent from Giant Bomb since I came home from Romania this summer.  The reason is that I had school which was manageable but the real reason was the sorry excuse for a computer.  It could run games like Oblivion just fine but some mysterious hardware failure made it unable to run any 3D engine based game newer than Quake.  It froze at any random moment and I was effectively cut off from playing games for a while. 

I recently just got my brand new computer (which is amazing).  It isn't the top of the line but it definitely eats up any game I've thrown at it so far.  My new 22" widescreen monitor doesn't hurt either :D.  So just as a memo, I'll be posting this on both Giant Bomb and Game Spot.


I'm Back Baby!

I've arrived home from Romania.  I've had my vacation.  Stuff happened like my bro's wedding.  Now I can do some serious editing where I have more resources here at home.

Short and sweet blog post.

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