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I haven't gotten to that one yet but I more or less agree. It would have been cool to use that category to make the point of the issue itself, which is that one game being busted, no matter how ridiculously it is busted, cannot hold a candle to the issues that affect the people that live and work in this industry and culture. The way certain people insist "no but me the gamer/consumer instead" has and will continue to suck whole ass and my disappointment is just the missed opportunity to call that out even more.

I can also see how apples and oranges those picks got and so chose something more straightforward in the form of a single game example. The end result ends up coming off a little weird and I think it's more than fair to point that out. Although I trust that they're aware.

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Yeah I've run aground of the same problem. I went ahead and made a second one that is slightly smaller and it seemed to work out fine. I know there was a good technical reason why ordered lists had to work like that years ago but I wonder what Will and company think about the problem now.

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Karnov's Revenge

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I finally got around to buying a bottle of Eagle Rare this past winter and have kept it on my shelf unopened until today. This one is for you and everyone who misses you dearly.

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It's really disappointing to see Michael Elgin on that list.

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@rk92 said:

I'd love to know where the huge myth of him being such a shitty human being even came from. The worst thing he's said was that cancer comment, and he even later called himself out on it and apologized, and that was like 8 years ago. Literally nobody I ask can ever point to anything he's said that was so horrible, he's always been against harassment and shit like that, pretty openly. His "GamerGate" ties have always 100% been about what the original purpose of that entire thing was supposed to be in the first place, not what it became.

Admittedly, the thing against him was not a huge mass of awful tweets. Although he did make an incredibly insulting tweet about trans folk joking about his pronoun being "toaster" and "toast" but that was also 5 years ago. (I don't blame people for not finding that exactly endearing in retrospect.) As for the main issue, GG was something that hit hard and hurt a lot of people, especially those who were already vulnerable in gaming and online culture at large. From where I was standing, that shit was toxic from day 1 (day 2 or 3 if we're being generous). Sticking by the "principle" of the matter any point after that comes across as callous if not naive, especially in retrospect.

And that's one thing but gleaning tweets from people who had spoken critically of TB (I won't mention them mostly to protect them), they had friends or direct experience of people receiving awful treatment from his audience or people acting in their stead around GG and again after his passing. This comes largely in the form of piling on people who TB had directed attention to in passing and in a critical manner. I'm not going to say that isn't a hard issue but ultimately when you have a huge audience, especially TB's, and the head has that kind of power, it can get ugly. The fact that soon after his passing, people had to talk around the issue for fear of getting harassed is a shitty situation but one that I don't think is entirely disconnected from the brand TB put out there. In any case, I think we should acknowledge the responsibility that comes with focusing attention on random people like that, especially when it can get so vicious so quickly.

If nothing else, I want to make it clear that from the perspective of the people who have their personal issues with TB and his audience, it's more than just a bad tweet or two. Hey, sometimes it is that much for some people and you might not agree but I'm not going to begrudge them for looking at a trans "joke" tweet and drawing the line immediately without knowing more. Mostly I wanted to lay it out and be accurate by the perspective of the people I know who made critical comments. Although I don't claim to share their experience.

I think anyone who genuinely enjoyed and followed TB could benefit from understanding the underlying issue behind the negativity even if they don't and shouldn't have to agree with the sentiment itself. I hope I did a good job breaking it down.

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Your friend and mine, @marino hasn't put up a 2017 version yet but each year he's tweaked and updated a PAX guide on a rolling basis going on 6 years. As someone getting up there in my own PAX experience (this will be 10th or 11th at this point), I can vouch for practically everything in that guide.

For me personally, I like to make my own schedule for panels with all the details so I know who to see when and where. Take a look at the schedule on the website and download the PAX East app if you can and look at the maps for the convention and the exhibition hall.

The conventional wisdom is that, depending on how popular the panel is, the time to line up ahead of a panel is from about 30 min to an hour. The Giant Bomb panel tends to be an exception since it brings in so many people so if you want to be somewhere reasonably close, then lining at least an hour early is a good start. Keep in mind that you can't line up for any panel until the panel before it starts; this year, the earliest you can technically line up is about 7:30 pm. Some people sweat lining up for the panel but in all my years of going to the GB panel, I've never seen people unable to get in.

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