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@rorie: Looks like it! It now shows up on the ios and apple tv apps I normally use.

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It seems the episode does not show up anywhere on the site except for the "Die Another Friday" show page. Not in Latest, or in Premium. Possibly as a result of that (since I don't know how this stuff works), the episode does not exist on the iOS app or the Apple TV app I use to watch content from the site. So there are potentially many people out there who have only gotten to experience Dan's wonderful dancing on Twitter, because they don't know where to look for the show.

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Despite all the hype for a brand new official next Pokemon title using the power of the Switch, this just seems like "here's some more, new place and a new set of Pokemon."

As someone who stopped after Red/Blue/Yellow, both because getting new video games was a rare, special occasion type of thing, and because I was too young to follow video game culture and releases the way we all do now, I'm a little disappointed.

I kinda wanted a little bit of Breath of the Wild, to show a a living breathing world and how Pokemon and people live in it, and then a little bit of Monster Hunter World, meaning at it's core it's still the same type of game, but really refined and tweaked to bring in all the people who haven't kept up with the complexities of the battle system (or who have never played before.)

Also, to go along with my Breath of the Wild hopes, it would be cool to get all of that in one massive world that has all the regions and all the Pokemon so far.

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The followed shows and watchlist features are basically useless to me, because I essentially check the site everyday and watch everything, or bookmark it for later so I know which things I wanted to go back to. It would be nice to have an option for the suggested videos under the video I am watching to simply be all the latest content in any series or category, including premium. I know you want new users to stick around if they like the episode of the series they stumbled into, so that they can easily find and watch more of that series, but it could be useful to be able to switch to different options on that "other episodes of the series" part of the video page.

Also, please let us turn off autoplay. I'm staying at a relatives house right now and was about to start an older video to fall asleep to, but right now I can't be sure that I'm just going to be wasting data and electricity as videos autoplay and keep my laptop from sleeping until tomorrow morning.

I would also echo the suggestion of being able to sort by unwatched, it would help with my first paragraph in this post, but I would add onto that: I think it would be useful and satisfying to be able to do something like "mark everything from this point backwards as watched," so you know that your unwatched list will always be a combination of latest content and things you maybe forgot about as a surprise. Some people might feel a certain amount of pride being able to know that they haven't missed a single piece of content on the entire site, and anyone who wants to get to that point has a clear path to it.

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When getting knocked to the ground in a 3rd person game means your character lays on the ground for a few seconds, then spends another 3-4 seconds slowly standing up, then another 2-3 seconds standing there looking dazed, then suddenly snapping to action pose when the player has control back. All while enemies/bosses and jumping around like crazy.

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Nier: Automata deals with some very interesting philosophical ideas and has some innovative ways of what it means to interact with a story, but there is a layer of jrpg/anime melodrama in its exposition that really makes it more confusing than interesting. That thing at the end everyone praises held no weight for me because I was so lost from the confusing story reveals before that. At the time it was a game everyone was freaking about, so believe me, I was paying attention.

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You guys may want to skim the Waypoint stream Austin did where they talked over the footage of the game he took at a preview event. It goes both into how the open world works, and how not-political yet political the game seems like it will be (spoiler: one of the npc's who asks you to do a side activity uses the phrase "Obama loving lib-tard").

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I would have liked for this movie to have the fun, silly tone that the Jumanji sequel took, instead of the Battleship one they went with.

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So, here's the situation, I finally have the opportunity to make a bigger stab at some freelance video work I've been doing, thanks to a consistently paying job with a courier service that I can stop and come back to whenever I want.

One of the first steps for me is to upgrade my aging iMac to a nice PC (that I plan on building for the experience), which means I have the chance to also give myself the gaming PC I never had.

This isn't really a question of PC vs Xbox One, because the PC usually wins every time along with the vast library of everything in history you also get access to. It's more about that urge we sometimes get to own every system, something I've felt much less of this generation.

I have been playing on ps4, which I have been happy with, and haven't till now felt like I had too much incentive to get a Xbox One. There isn't a large enough exclusive library that I feel like I'm missing out, nor is there anyone I play online with that is waiting for me to finally get one, so I really have no ties to the system.

Starting from a position of having neither, do you think a really good PC (along with Microsoft's play anywhere program) pretty much removes any need to have an Xbox One at this point?

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@tviddy: It's head to head scoring and for bragging rights only.

To give an even clearer example of how clueless I am at this, I have no idea why Colin Kaepernick would be a conversation starter without going to Google first. I'm mainly doing this because its a thing to do and they needed one more person. I don't even know what you do after you draft your players.

I don't exactly want to just make a shit team that just stays in last place, but do what I can to keep things weird. Aside from research into getting the players you want, which is what you are supposed to be doing anyways, I don't really know what I can do. I looked at mock drafts and they always seem to start with WRs and RBs, would it be weird to pick a high ranked QB as my first pick? Would that freak everyone out and make them think I've got something up my sleeve?

Stuff like that.