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Daily Achievement Hunter - GB Community Choice!

I have lost the drive to get achievements, all I do now is play Street Fighter X Tekken. I've got over 150 games, some of which I've barely touched, others are still in their wrappers. I'm pretty close to 100,000, so I want to actually make that happen, and that isn't going to happen without some kind of motivation. So, I ask you, Giant Bomb community, can you help me?

I'd just like a member to look at my games, pick an achievement, and tell me to get it. Hopefully this will help me edge closer to a nice milestone, Can I just make a little request, and not to choose the hardest and/or longest achievements? Those aren't fun!

Thanks duders, it'd be nice if I can start enjoying achievements again! :)

UsernameAchievement(s)Completion Status
BeachThunderPortal 2 (S-Rank)Complete!
D_BonesStar Wars: The Force UnleashedIncomplete
GunstarRedDead Rising 2: Case ZeroIncomplete
MrCaptainComplete 15 Episodes in N+Incomplete