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Having to avoid the GiantBomb forums, sad times.

This sucks, lol. On the front page, nearly every forum post is about Skyrim, and I feel left out. I don't have the game yet, I'm not even sure when I'm going to bother picking it up - probably when a GOTY edition comes out ;) - so I feel at a loss. I have nothing to add to most conversations and I want to avoid any and all spoilers.

I hope to see more duders talk about sandwiches or something, that is my bread and butter... Oh the puns.

Hmm, this has become like a blog, so I shall make it a blog post instead, and say hey, more of you guys should follow me or message me on my wall, I want to get to know the GiantBomb community more.. I lost touch with a lot of guys, so hey! Gimme a follow or write on my wall and we can chat abouts games...

Just don't spoil Skyrim for me.

Love, Baillie xo