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Voxophone #1 – Love the Sinner

- Lady Comstock (April the 1st, 1893)

Voxophone #1
Voxophone #1

After Booker has been released of the shackles on the red chair, you will walk out into a area flooded with water, turning left to be greeted by a large statue of a man with his beard billowing in the wind. Left of this statue is another room, walk in and to the right of a praying woman will be an area with a painting of a woman, and in front of you, on a pew, will be your first Voxophone.

Love the Sinner: Transcript

Love the Prophet, because he loves the sinner. Love the sinner, because he is you. Without the sinner, what need is there for a redeemer? Without sin, what grace has forgiveness?

Lady Comstock

Kinetoscope #1 - Father Comstock's Gift of Prophecy

Kinetoscope #1
Kinetoscope #1

Booker will awaken under three statues. After getting back on your feet, walk forward through a garden then make a right at the man and woman sitting at the pool of water. Exiting the door, you will descend infront of an enormous statue of the same man holding a sword. To the right a store named Hudson's will float down. In here, on the left side of the counter will be your first kinetoscope.

Voxophone #2 - Undeserving

- Zachary Hale Comstock (September the 9th, 1893)

Voxophone #2
Voxophone #2

In the same store of the previous Kinetoscope, there is a Voxophone behind the counter. It is situated on the ground to the right of an opened safe.

Undeserving: Transcript

And then, the archangel showed a vision: a city, lighter than air. I asked her, "Why do you show this to me, archangel? I'm not a strong man, I'm not a righteous man, I am not a holy man." And she told me the most remarkable thing: "You're right, Prophet. But if grace is within the grasp of one such as you, how can anyone else not see it in themselves?"

Zachary Hale Comstock

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