Top Ten Video Game Detectives

These are the video game detectives I'm always watching.

List items

  • 1. Early 20th century Japan. A place of tradition and rapid modernization. In the midst of all this is the daring and suave Kuzunoha Raidou. Unlike a typical P.I., Raidou walks a different beat. It is the world of demons that Kuzunoha finds himself entangled in. Using a combination of acute detective skills and demon summoning power, Raidou Kuzunoha finds his way to the top of this list.

  • 2. OK, so Jensen isn't actually a detective, he's a cop. Still, he counts. Not only does Adam Jensen have to cope with his new cybernetic body, he must also investigate the possibility of his ex-girlfriend still being alive. Soon Jensen uncovers a global conspiracy seeking to control the rapidly advancing augmentation technology, and thus, mankind's future.

  • 3. Also called “The Detective Prince”. An ace detective and only sixteen years old, Naoto is brought in to aid in the investigation of the Inaba murders. When Naoto encounters the “Investigation Team” she is then drawn into an even stranger path; to catch a murderer and to discover her true self. Also, she is super cute.

  • 4. Jack fights cultists, monsters and J. Edgar Hoover. When not going insane he's a pretty good detective.

  • 5. He enjoys coffee, long drives and red seeds.

  • 6. Basically Deckard filtered through the mind of Hideo Kojima. Need I say more?

  • 7. A teenage girl. If your crime is being thwarted by a schoolgirl, you might want to consider a new career path.

  • 8. Although Booker's sleuthing stint was short lived, he was still a cool interpretation of the man from Columbia.

  • 9. Doesn't do much detecting, more like he bludgeons crazy people to death. A lot.

  • 10. British.