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I play videogames on regular basis since I was 10. My first console was a Master System II with Alex Kidd. But 5 years later I discovered the imense world of pc gaming. It was 1999 and I played......Diablo. Don't get me wrong. I had contacted with pc games before this. By this time, I already had played games on friend's and school's pcs. Games like Prince of Persia, Bomberman, Secret of Monkey Island, Theme Hospital, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. But this time was different. It was MY pc. I didn't had to share with anyone and could play as long as I wanted.

From then my path was chosen and I consider myself a PC fanatic. Off course I got some consoles (Game Boy Color, PS2, PSP) but the PC was always my true love. Now I divide my time between the PC and my PS3 (those exclusives dude).

My favourite franchise of all time still is Star Wars. I know, I know..Star wars isn't what used to be. But, even with the constant let downs of the past years, I still cherish it. Only saw Return of the Jedi 30 or more times. So it is only normal that one of my favourite games ever is KOTOR. What a fantastic game. And the twist? Man I still remember that moment vividly. I was glued to the monitor and my chin was hitting the floor like Thor's hammer hit the Earth.

Always had the dream of turn my passion for games into a profession of some kind but never found it possible. Portugal is a small country where the stereotype of games are for children is pretty deep and the oportunities related to the videogames industry are few, if not almost inexistent. But who knows? Someday I may leave my job in the hospital as Biomedical Scientist and do something related with my life's true passion. The thing that makes me forget everything for a moment and just play...