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My Personal Top 20 Games of All Time (2021 update)

Need to update this list... as it's been a while!

Dated 05/07/21

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  • It's hard to really describe this game, off the back of Metal Gear Solid the hype and excitement for this game was like nothing else before or since. Not only did Kojima and his team match those expectations they FAR exceeded them and then created a game that no one ever saw coming. By far the biggest budget, biggest franchise twist ever... since probably Star Wars 2.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 asks you what it is you actually want, of yourself, of the world. It painted a dark and accurate take on what would become the modern world, just before it even really begun to take shape. The effects of this game are hard to quantify, because of how wide reaching they are.

    The music and art direction are also some of the best, in all of gaming. The HD ports of this look as good as they ever did, and with limited work on increasing polly counts or textures, the art is just that good.

    Easily the best game ever made.

  • This is one of those games that's just so good to play, almost no matter what. The legacy this series and developer has created is second to none and this was original Doom at its very best. Online Multi-player, better stages, better monsters. This is it, this is the one, the best FPS ever made.

  • To put it simply Quake 2 perfected, and defined how a fully 3D FPS game should feel and play, and without it we wouldn't have games like Halo, CoD4, KZ and any other modern FPS. Every FPS game post Quake 2 has been influenced by it in some way HL included, essentially the gameplay is perfect.

  • It's no shock is it, another MGS game in my top 10... Probably the best game on the PSX this game is an all time classic. At this point in the list, every game is 9.8-9.9/10 (10 being perfection (which no game has reached)) and so the difference in quality is miniscule, and it’s more down to personal experiences playing, and preference. There is little more to say other than this game is an absolute master piece and I don't need to continue to justify this games place at #4.

  • I kinda have to put this hear. I've been playing StarCraft 2 since beta and I'm still going. I must be broken.

  • The best looking game I've played on my PS2, it really is a very good looking game, but I must confess at first I really didn't like it at all. It was such a change from MGS1 & 2, with no overhead camera and no radar I hated it for a good long time after I got it. But then I gave it a really good go, and it took a while for me to get used to how it played, but it was well worth it. The story is one of the best in the series, with a decent level of complexity and sub plots to keep you guessing, but without the insane jumble of info present in MGS2. It also has some of the best boss battles ever seen in an MGS title, The End being a good example, because not only was this a very difficult sniper boss, but there were many different ways you could defeat him; out snipe, use thermal goggles, sneak upon him or alter the timer on your PS2 and let him die of old age... the gameplay was also improved with CQC playing a major roll it really made you feel more like a bad-ass assassin breaking into a base.

    Then with Subsistence, it gave you for the first time a free looking camera you controlled with drastically helped you survey the area's from cover making sneaking easier, but also feel more natural. There was also MGO, which honestly I pretty much hate as it replicates so little of the MGS gameplay... but forgetting that, it also had an Ape Escape variant (Ape Escape being an awesome PSX title) and a compilation of all the games cinemas into one epically long movie... that I really wish they had done with the other MGS titles.

  • I loved playing this game.

    That's kinda it really... honestly just wandering around climbing over shit, listening to the peaceful music was some of the most fun I've had with a video game, ever. The long basically pointless trips where some of the most rewarding things I've ever done in gaming.

    It's a really special and strange game.

  • Gran Turismo 6 was the first racing game that made me really assess what it is I have that makes me a better racing driver than other people around me. It was the first time I competed in an online racing league (and won). It was the first real time I went about learning to drive cars, for hours and hours trying to master them, trying to break lap records, trying to get consistency.

    In the build up to the opening race of the racing league I signed up for a year ago (I think) I practiced the Daytona Road Course maybe 300 laps. Endlessly going round and round until I was as consistent as I possibly could. It paid off and I finished the race some two laps ahead of second place.

    I've had the best times, and the worst times with GT6, but all of it has been great and all of it happened because of GT6.

  • Peace Walker is a bit of an experiment, in that its KP trying to fit a full proper MGS title onto the PSP, and no not like MGS:PO, a proper full MGS with full voice work, proper cut scenes and gameplay like that of its home console brethren.

    What we get from it is a pretty mixed bag, it has a new style of cut scenes that are a mix of regualr cut scenes, interactive cut scenes and QTE's, that really help break up the long drawn out conversations MGS has been known for. It also has its own RPG mechanics embeded into not only the gameplay but into the story so that it actually makes sense.

    MGS:PW is one of the best MGS titles to have been made.

  • It's a bit of a hard one to place V. Still in the top 10, but only just?

    V has by far the best controls and freedom of any of the Metal Gear franchise. It's also the darkest in tone and probably the most 'mecha' of the series too. The music is also a real departure, as it the style of cut-scenes that feel far more kinetic than previous games.

    It adds up to a really gritty and visceral experience that lets you approach bases/encounters however you want and with whatever tools you want.

    The only downside is the way the story is handed out, Quiet's inclusion and the overall game structure. You spend far too much time in menu's jumping in and out of random missions. The story is really hands off and almost happens in the background, and while this makes sense for the game... it's a strong departure for the series. Quiet is also problematic, her sexuality serves zero purpose and yet is heavily featured in the game. She's also incredibly powerful meaning you're more likely to use her on missions, so she can bend over in the heli for you en route.

    That said, the actual story of the game as a whole is really fantastic. The message and what the game says speak to me as a fan of the series and of games. And the moments with Paz are probably the most profound I've felt from the entire franchise.

  • I really liked the original game, but couldn't get into it. HM2 changed all of that.

    This game is a 100mph blood and synth electro fever dream and I fucking love it.

    I loved it so much I've now finished this game across 3 platforms (PS3, Vita and PC). It's so good and so rewarding and so punishing and the music is SO.GOD.DAMN.GOOD.

  • Kinda a shock this one to be honest. Easily the best FPS game to come out, since Quake 2.

    This is what a modern Doom should be, lighting fast, incredibly violent and with a great heavy metal soundtrack. You don't need to overcomplicate Doom, and Doom 2016 doesn't.

  • This I've swapped for Tekken 3, because it's just a better game.

    Tekken 7 is what I've wanted from a Tekken game in years. It's such a good experience everywhere it's available. It's got so much content, so much support and improved mechanics for the series too.

    The best fighting game I've ever played.

  • The Half Life games have become a hallmark for innovation, engine technology, physics, graphics and gameplay. HL2 is no different, and is one of the highest rated games in history. It sets the benchmarks for nearing towards perfection in gaming. HL2 is a true masterpiece in every way. The story is pretty deep, yet never fully explained, the gameplay is like nothing else and the set pieces are awesome. While it will never get the respect it deserves from console only gamers, it’s shaped the FPS genre in ways games like Halo and Killzone can barely dream off.

  • A game that is shunned by the fallout fan base, this is probably the most fun I've ever had in a game that’s fundamentally broken. I have the PC version and the PS3, and both are broken... the PS3 is properly broken while the PC version has bugs that just cause annoyance and random crashes. It's one of the worst written (coded) games I've ever played, and horribly optimised for PC and PS3 alike. And every update/DLC/patch seems to just make it worse and worse. But still every time I play it, I have a smile on my face. Maybe it’s shooting someone into a cloud of blood vapour with a combat shotgun, or blasting raiders into a puddle of slime with a plasma rifle in slow motion, maybe it’s the funny dialogue and intense/comical violence... who knows. I fucking love this game, it’s funny, fun, silly, broken, stupid, intense, gripping, fast and slow... it’s everything all at once on one huge grey map. There is so much more I want this game to do that I know it never will, but that’s fine with me... it’s really hard to convey how much fun this game is... on Xfire I've logged 120 hours on it... which is only the PC version... I, just love it... and yes I was super bummed when Dog Meat died...

  • To me, the pinnacle of the series, GTA4 feels more grounded than any of the other entries.

    You start off a nobody and you finish a nobody... but in the meantime, you have a shitload of fun. The DLC packs both enhanced the gameplay while also building upon the world and story of GTA4.

  • How the mighty have fallen.

    When I first got it in the post, I sat down for 12hours solid (with a 30min break for food and loo breaks), then exhausted went to bed for about 1-2hours, woke up and then sat though another 12 hours. Yeah, I took my time, but it’s one of the best most intense gaming experiences I've ever had. It's the only reason I own a PS3, and if I couldn't buy another game for it, it would have still have been worth the money.

    While all this is still true, MGS4's flaws become more apparent with age. For what it is, MGS4 is a masterpiece, nothing like it will ever be made again.

  • This is probably the game I've played the most back in the day, and probably the game that I’ve grown the furthest apart over the years. Back in the day I remember looking at videos of demos before it came out and looking at it thinking, holy shit those graphics are insane! There was a demo showing the CT taking out the Ts on the Aztec match and the graphics for the time where off the chain-insane. There was nothing that looked that good out at the time, and even now it looks pretty damn good and its easy to forget that its over 5years old. Back when it first came out I was still on dial up and me and my friend Wally would fire it up, ring each other (before VOIP) and spend hours chatting while in game (like you would over VOIP in xfire). And we would do this pretty much every night for hours and hours at a time. This cost insane amounts of money on the phone bill... but it was defo worth it. Now CSS is a little bit of a mess with every damn server requiring you to download there specially renamed but identical to everyone else's UT sound effects or Quake sound effects. I hope Valve go back to it and rework some of it, add some more default maps etc, but I doubt it given the success of games like Portal and TF2.

  • This game is pretty old but defo worth playing, one of Kojima’s earlier titles and one of his best. There isn’t too much to say on it really, it’s a cyberpunk adventure/Blade Runner rip off, but the fact it’s highly self aware makes the fact it’s a rip off totally awesome. It’s a point and click detective game, where your essentially playing out what would happen if Replicants were Terminators, which encase you didn’t realise is the combination of the two coolest things from the 1980s. The sound is amazing, there is full voice work and it’s got one of Kojima’s best scripts, if not the best. If you’ve not played this game, then you need to get your life on track, get a Sega CD emulator and fire it up, you won’t regret it, even if you do hate MGS.

  • Me and my Katamari was my first Katamari experience and it happened this year when I got my PSP, after falling madly in love with the game I decided to pick up its big brother, Katamari Forever. This is as far as I know the last ever Katamari game on the market, it’s also some of the most fun playing a game I’ve ever had. You push your Katamari around levels, things in the levels stick to your Katamari as you push it over them, this causes your Katamari to grow and grow, until it levels up and the level expands, for example... your start off about 2cm in diameter, in a bedroom floor picking up tacks and little sweets, then you move on to picking up tables, chairs, then doors, walls then people tree’s animals, houses, cars, then sky scrapers, then giant flying robots, massive T-Rex’s that live in the sea, jumbo jets, clouds, floating ice bergs, countries, continents, planets and then finally stars. It makes no sense and its fucking awesome.