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Doom Eternally Tiresome 1

So I'm pretty close to the end of the game, playing on Ultra-violence and honestly, this game stopped being fun a good while ago.This plays nothing like Doom (2016) and might as well be called anything but Doom. The only thing they kept was how the monsters look (which they managed to actually make even worse than in Doom (2016)!. The gameplay loop has you focus on weak points, for everything, this means you are constantly kiting every enemy while trying to farm the weaker ones.Battles become me...

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A racing game developed by people who've clearly never driven. 0

The build up to this game was kinda odd, they seemed to want to make some Forza Vista type car porn thing, but with no Gran Turismo for the PS4 and a 'free' version out I figured I've give it a try and see what it was about.To start off the menu system is massively confusing and over the top, your not really sure what to do and were to go. When you find the options menu you'll be staggered at the sheer lack of options available. It's staggering and what is most staggering is that the racing line...

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Gran Turismo 6 is the best racing game for people new to the series but is it for GT vets? 0

GT6 is essentially an updated, retooled version of GT5. It has a much better interface, much better load times, much better car models and more tracks. They also removed the insane and horribly implemented levelling system and have replaced it with a star system, so instead of getting XP for winning or doing well in races you now earn up to three stars per race.The game also starts you off with a race right before you can do anything, this is actually pretty great because before GT games have si...

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An insane, silly and joyous experience that pays tribute to Metal Gear in the best possible way 2

MGR always seemed to me to be based on the fight Raiden has with the Gekko's in MGS4 turned into a game and that concept doesn't disappoint.Starting off you begin your quest as a slightly improved Raiden from MGS4, from which the game drops you off at the deep end and it only gets deeper until essentially Raiden is 'reborn' as MGR Raiden. To be honest they seem to have 'cut' right from one version to the other with little pace between, it would have been nice if they had made the progression fr...

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My Complete Review 0

IntroductionTo me the best racing game is one that offers the best racing experience on the track and that lets you really drive how you want to drive pushing your and the cars limits.I'm a huge moto-racing fan, in particular F1 because it gives you the chance to see the best drivers in the world drive the fastest cars in the world around the best circuits in the world. I've been playing and enjoying racing games all my life, and in fact my first ever console game was the original Gran Turismo (...

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