My Wishlist

Upcoming games that I really, really want!

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  • African savannah... big fucking guns.... completely open environment.... fire propagation.... what more could a growing boy need?

  • I have been a lifelong fan of the original games, and cannot wait for this to appear and take over my life just like Oblivion did. Goodbye, friends and family!

  • Bigger, better and more badass- I doubt Cliffy B could have used any better words.

  • I'm having trouble deciding what I'm gonna make first in the level creator- a recreation of the first level in Super Mario 3, or a re-enactment of the bank heist/street shootout in Heat.

  • You feed your Princess so she gets fat so the enemy has trouble carrying her off. What more needs to be said?

  • I think it's hard for Bioware to screw up an RPG, though I do hope it is a little better than the underwhelming Mass Effect.

  • You mean I can go from Dylan to playing Eye of the Tiger? Fuck yes!

  • A worthy installment in the Total War series. Naval battles FTW!