Top 5 MIAs From E3

So, E3 is over, pretty much. It was a decent show, in my opinion. Not as mindblowingly awesome as last year, a billion times better than the year before. However, no matter how  enamored or bored you were by E3, there were a number of notable absences from the show. Here are my top five: 
6. Elder Scrolls V  
Okay, so I lied. Top 6.  Until I hear an announcement, or even a convincing rumor, I will bitch about this until the cows come home.  Bethesda's making Fallout: New Vegas, Interplay is making the Fallout MMO, they've already practically confirmed Fallout 4...where the hell is the next Elder Scrolls? I'm not one for the post-apocalyptic sterile wastes of Washington D.C. or gun based RPGs...give me a sword and sorcery yarn any day. 
5. Beyond Good and Evil 2 
Beyond Good and Evil was a critical darling, but a commercial fail, largely due to some major marketing mistakes. When a  trailer for BGE2 was leaked two years ago, fans had nerdgasms...and then it dropped off the face of the planet. Two years have come and gone and...nothing has shown up. What the hell, Ubisoft? 
4. Max Payne 3  
Last we heard from old Max was the delay announcement coupled together with Rockstar's earning reports for May. No demos or anything showed up at E3. Seems a little odd.  
 3.  Legitimate Red Dead DLC (None of this co-op stuff)
I know, it's way too early for this. However, I was hoping for at least an official platform announcement for  Lost and Drunk: The Wacky Adventures of Irish. 
2. Bungie's Mystery Activision Project 
A name? A general concept? A tentative 2013 release date? Something? Oh, wait, Activision didn't really do much at E3, did they, aside from their damn party. FAIL! 
1. Arkham Asylum 2 
We've seen the awesome teaser trailer. I was completely convinced we were going to have a full trailer this time. But nope, not a word from Warner Bros. or Rocksteady. Damn. This really made me disappointed.