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#501 Metroid Fusion - Nintendo

Release Date: 2002

Original Platform: GBA

Played On: VisualBoyAdvance

Objective: Prevent the X-Parasite from leaving the Biologic Space Laboratories station and infecting the universe.

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How it Works: Metroid Fusion is a 2D Metroid game that follows the same formula as Super Metroid. You are free to move between rooms on the grid unless blocked by an obstacle that requires a new upgrade. Samus' basic abilities are jumping and firing, both of which receive upgrades throughout the game, such as missiles, ice beams, and infinite jumping. The iconic morph ball also reappears early on in the game.

The main difference between Metroid Fusion and earlier Metroid titles is the presence of a computerized CO, Adam, who details Samus' current objectives and marks them on the map screen.

Thoughts: Metroid Fusion is an excellent game for anyone who enjoys other 2D Metroids or the so-called "Metroidvania" games in the Castlevania series. The only irksome feature is how obscure some of the secrets are to find. Works well on an emulator, as long as you can optimize the controls for running, shooting, jumping, and aiming simultaneously.

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