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#673 Psychonauts - Double Fine Productions

Release Date: 2005

Original Platform: Windows/Xbox

Played On: OS X

Objective: Raz must uncover and foil a brain-stealing plot at Camp Whispering Rock in order to become a full-fledged Psychonaut.

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How it Works: Psychonauts is a 3D platforming game. The basic commands are jumping, attacking, and interacting (using items, talking, opening doors, etc). Raz is also capable of several Psi powers, three of which can be equipped at a time. These powers include telekinesis, levitation, psychic blasts, and shields.

The world is organized into a main open overworld area and several smaller "mental worlds" that are explored as part of the story. Raz increases his abilities by rising in "Psi Ranks." This can be accomplished by collecting cards, 2D "figments," scavenger hunt items, and cobwebs. Ranks earn Raz new Psi abilities, ability upgrades, and health upgrades.

Thoughts: While pretty fun as a platformer, Psychonauts was clearly included in the book for its sense of humour. Essentially every detail of this game was crafted with the sole purpose of making you laugh. The real stars of Psychonauts are the writing team and the voice actors. It's available on Steam to play, so get to it.

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