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#820 Mario Kart Wii - Nintendo

Release Date: 2008

Original Platform: Wii

Played On: Wii

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Objective: Get the gold in Grand Prix! Set high scores in Time Trials! Just come in first!

How it Works: As the sixth game in the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart Wii largely follows the formula of the other games. Several different characters and karts are available to choose, each with somewhat unique properties. Items can be picked up during the race to keep things from becoming too predictable.

Mario Kart Wii features several new features as well. First, the Wii offers motion controls in the form of a wheel-shaped peripheral. Second, motorcycles can be ridden alongside karts. Third, a new crop of items are featured, such as mega mushrooms and thunder clouds. Finally, online racing was available from release through to May 2014.

Thoughts: Of all the Mario Kart games featured in the book, Mario Kart Wii stands out as the best. It also happens to be the one I've played most. Playing older Mario Karts after this one makes me lament the lack of motorbikes and the small selection of courses.

Personally I stay away from the motion controls, as I find them very difficult. I prefer the Wiimote & nunchuk combo, although GameCube and Wii Classic controllers are also supported.

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