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#994 VVVVVV - distractionware

Release Date: 2010

Original Platform: Windows/OS X

Played On: OS X

Objective: Captain Viridian must rescue his crew members scattered throughout Dimension VVVVVV

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How it Works: VVVVVV (pronounced "V six times") is another indie platformer with a unique twist: instead of jumping, you must invert gravity to navigate the rooms. The game exists in a more or less open world 20 x 20 room map with one central area and several offshoot "level" areas that contain a crew member. Each named room features traps or enemies that must be avoided in order to continue. Checkpoints are commonplace, and serve as a starting point upon death.

In addition to crew members, Captain Viridian can also collect trinkets hidden throughout the world.

Thoughts: The best feature of VVVVVV is the small asking price for the size of the game, especially compared to indie titles like Flower and Monument Valley. This game is often referred to as being very difficult. While several rooms will no doubt take multiple tries, the game is very forgiving with its checkpoints, preventing this from being a frustrating experience.

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