Day 3

So day 3 begins off to a cracking start bombwise, no insane hellbent spammer on the forums and some of my work got processed and accepted.

*update* : It appears i jinxed the website and a new hater/spammer appeared being cakeordeath
The site is approaching on 12,000+ members which is also extremely insane and ime sure its not what the GB team expected, the only issues i currently have with the site are:

  1.  negative: The search bar for games, concepts est does not work great but is a feature to be improved upon
  2.  positive: The site is running smoothly now and there are no massive lag times between things on the site
  3.  positive: New bombcast
  4. Negative: The super bad private profile bug, Change absolutely no setting to private in your profile or your whole feed, post count ect will not work even when changed back to non private.  Unless you want this please make sure you don't change the private settings :)

So now i am on like 26 points and 476 posts with over 40 things pending cant wait for the site to grow into one of the biggest gaming websites on the net.

p.s also like to say a thank you to and333 for helping me with my icon XD

Keep on bombing