On leaving, points and other things.


Ok so now I leave giant bomb, only to go on holiday that is which I am less looking forward to now cause of the withdrawal from the GB community. Its been a great first week and thank you for all the fun this week, ill be back on the 2nd of august so don't forget me ;)


I now have 193 points, and tons of pending submissions however with the mod team that has been fully assembled now i believe they are cutting the number of pendings by 4,000 a day. Great work guys. Hopefully by the 2nd ill have 1000 points with all my subs modded. Then i can seriously kick ass with wiki editing.

Giant Bomb

After day 5 is nearly up I must day that today has been flawless, No Trolls, Spammers, Abusers. Maybe those few have finally left giant bomb. Its certainly been better for it. Also alot of GB's bugs have been ironed out and fixed so GB is more stable than ever. What can we expect for week 2 at Giant Bomb. Who knows i certainly wont anyway.

Also what should i buy:
  1. Brothers in Arms hells highway
  2. Soul Caliber 4
I can only really afford one of these and i am puzzled on what to choose : /


For the daily bit of comedy or pure awesomeness i propose this thread, Funny as hell nuff said.


Keep up the good work and keep on bombing