Video..GB day 4 and other things


Firstly i would like to show this awesome video that has been floating around several peoples blogs (thx player1) . I think you will like it so listen and enjoy :)


Day 4

Day 4 has been a rather interesting day for me really,  GB speed is now impeccable and forum runs as smooth as anything.
There have been some interesting incident regarding trollers/flamers/spammers from which i can conclude that GB finally has an effective MOD team running (w00t)
The vicous profile bug regarding private settings has been fixed (thx to coonce)  which is awesome for all GB's members. The subs of my edits are also finally going through and i am now on 180ish points so a giant thx to the bomb team ;)

Also a little funny E3 comic strip, made me laugh anyway

Keep on bombing