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Games that are Special to Me

These games are special to me. It might be that it was one of the best I ever played or that its just got some special memory associated to it. Either way I'll never forget these games.

For a game to be in this list it has to at least be from a prior generation as it has to pass the test of time and still be special to me.

List items

  • This was my first PC game. It's also one of only four games my Dad played. The other 3 being Crystal Caves 2, Crystal Caves 3, and Mario Kart 64. Me and my dad spent hours playing this together. Up until the time he passed away in May 2012 he would still pull out his old Windows 95 computer load up MS:DOS and play some Crystal Caves.

  • Motal Kombat II on the Sega Genesis had two important effects on my gaming life. It sparked my interest in 2D fighting games which are still my favorite genre, and it made my parents learn the ESRB rating system. I can still remember my little brother going "Hey mommy look at this" and proceed to do Kung Lao's fatality where he cuts a guy in half. We had to beg to get the game back. For years MK2 was the only mature game we were allowed to play. It's still one of my favorite fighting games.

  • This is my favorite fighting game of all time. It's got so many characters I love in it.

  • This is one of my favorite racing games. There's just something about 30 cars racing down a twisting undulating crazy ass track at ridiculous speed that never got old. It started the trend of my favorite racing games being more about the track than the vehicles.

  • It's fucking Super Mario Bros. I don't know what to say other than that.

  • Skipped the Super Nintendo and got a Genesis instead. Don't remember why, but I'd guess it was probably my parents who chose it over Super NES on a whim. This was easily my favorite game on the system.

  • MK: Trilogy was the first Mature game my parents let us buy after MK2. It was only because there was an option to turn off the blood that they let us buy it. Of course me and my brother proceeded to turn the blood on when they weren't watching.

    Looking back on it this game is janky as hell, but we were pretty young so it wasn't something that me and my brother were capable of recognizing at the time. All we saw were a ton of MK characters in one game. This game spent the most time in our N64 out of everything we owned.

  • CS:CZ was my first counter-strike game. I bought it on a whim because I had heard that Counter-Strike was all right. Liked it enough to then get 1.6 for the larger population and then move onto CSS. CSS holds the special part in my heart as my favorite in the series. It's the only game I've ever liked enough to actually join a clan. Or at least the only game I've played long enough to actually find a clan with people I like enough to want to join.

  • The Atari 2600 was way after my time. My parents had one and it ended up being my first console. I was way to young for it to matter or for me to even recognize that it was an old thing. Anyway Combat is actually my very first memory of a video game. That's why it's special to me.