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Virtual Console (3DS) Collection

So the virtual console on the Wii didn't interest me at all, but for some reason the idea of having what is essentially a handheld NES along with my normal 3DS games has really grasped me. Something about being able to have these games on the go really appeals to me. I'm not ruling out buying GB or GBC games, but I'm currently mainly interested in getting as many NES games on there as I can.

List items

  • So the first game on this list isn't technically a Virtual Console game. It's a 3D Classics game, but I feel it belongs in this list in spirit. I bought it because I wanted to try one of the old games that got updated with 3D support, and with Xevious having both enemies in the air and ground to shoot it seemed like an ideal game for 3D. Turns out that the glasses free 3D in its current form really hurts my eyes, so I won't be using it anymore. Luckily Xevious is still fun regardless of how many Ds it's using.

  • I wanted to see how an original Gameboy game looks on the 3DS. Turns out it looks a lot like a Gameboy game.

  • There's no Mike Tyson in the Virtual Console game, but Giant Bomb does not currently host a page dedicated to Mr. Dream's debut. This is the only boxing game series I think I'll ever be interested in.

  • Often you hear people complain that games are too easy nowadays, and everything was better during the NES/SNES era. Those people really need to go back and play something like Ninja Gaiden. Not all old games were hard but fair. Some were hard because fuck you. Ninja Gaiden falls clearly in the latter category. It's still fun in short bursts, but unlike on the 3DS which keeps a save state you had to beat the actual NES version in one sitting. I doubt very many people have accomplished that.

  • My most played NES game from when I was a kid by far. My little brother and I used to sit down and play it together. I bet most older brothers would choose Mario and make their little brother play Luigi. Not me though. Luigi for life!

  • Probably my second most played NES game from when I was a kid. Playing it now it's kind of jarring how little information the game gives you on what to do. It’s amazing that I ever got anywhere in this as a kid. I suppose that's the advantage of having all the time in the world but no money. You just plow away at whatever you can play because you have no other choice. Still I wouldn't go back to that game playing regimen today. I prefer having money.

  • Never really played much Contra as a kid, but eventually I got really into Metal Slug. People always seemed to compare the two so I got interested in revisiting Contra a little later in life. In the end I'm going to say Contra is fun, but I'm still more of a Metal Slug fan. The Metal Slug series is just so much better looking, and crazy shit is always popping off.

  • I think this is the only Mega Man game I owned as a kid. At the very least when I think of Mega Man the first thing that comes into my head is still the Cutman stage. I played a lot of Cutman stage as a kid. I know I beat him a bunch, but I don’t remember getting much further. I don't think I was very good at Mega Man.

  • In contrast to Ninja Gaiden, I feel this game does a much better job at hitting the hard but fair mark. Still, only being able to take 2 hits and having to play through the game twice to beat it really gives away the game's arcade roots. Got to get those quarters.

  • I never played Gradius as a kid, but I played the shit out of Life Force. I guess Konami basically ripped the upgrade system out of Gradius and put it into the NES version of Life Force. Even though this is the original I'd still rather have Life Force due to nostalgia.

  • It's still Pac-Man.