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There are statuses on Giant Bomb?! Awesome ^^

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E3 2011

This seems as good a time as any to make my first list! I returned home from work this afternoon and have since been watching E3 2011 videos with bated breath. Some trailers stuck out as awesome, others... Not so much. There are a number of games I'm looking forward to!

(Will probably edit this list after the Sony and Nintendo conferences)

Edit 1: Sony's press conference was astounding

Have updated the list accordingly

Edit 2: Nintendo's press conference was... Underwhelming...

They didn't even talk about Skyward Sword, other than 'it's coming out.' No new IPs... The EA thing is kind of cool; but it doesn't look any better than the PS3 versions (from what I can tell).

For me, this all went Sony > Nintendo > Microsoft.

Updated the list again =)

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