The Summer Paradox

On such a pleasantly sunny day in the UK, I feel compelled to complain. Its only natural of course, because I am stuck indoors. 
Like many [I presume here, because I haven't asked] avid gamers, the first half of the year for me is always the most busy; University/College/School deadlines will take almost every waking moment of your time (and more than likely a lot of your sleep, too. (Just Joking, who sleeps?!)). So I, most regrettably, play very little from February to, say, May[ish].   
Instead I eagerly await the summer months. Here, I would have little time constraints other than, say, a part time job, distracting me from awesome awesome gaming time. 
It's never that easy, is it? 
What happens instead of awesome awesome gaming time is a most detestable phenomenon; the urge to 'go outside' and [gulp] 'socialise'. I know for many, like my brother, this urge is tiny. They can scoff it off with such statements as "Pah, the outside sucks" or "If I go outside, the sunlight will burn me like the lava in Metroid". However, after spending what amounts to three quarters of the year stuck indoors, reading furiously and writing uninspired papers, the last thing I am really wanting to do is stare at a screen some more. 
So ultimately, the summer does not become a chance to catch up on games we'd missed. It becomes a time to workout and go outside. Alas, your favourite video games are building into a pile of shame, ready to crush you when Autumn rolls along like an acme anvil. 
Of course, there's always the nighttime. But I can promise you that I'll be spending that getting trashed/battered/wankered and  stumbling home at 4am. 
I sure wish my neighbours would turn off the Drum and Bass. :-/