Extra Security for today's unsafe times.

After careful deliberation, I've decided to change my account password from 007-373-5963, because it made me sound too tough, plus my mom said not to give my SSN out on the internet.

I hope WiiMusic has a pied-piper mini-game where you can lead blind Nintendo fanboys to their virtual deaths. My friend code is also 007-373-5963, if you feel like being enchanted.

I have no job, no girlfriend, and no new games to play, but have survived these trying times by discovering Price is Right's Greatest Moments clips on youtube, and fasting on Ramen Noodles.

I feel very strongly against going to McDonald's and only buying one apple pie. One costs 97 cents, but you can get two for a dollar. Even it you dont want the other, you can turn a quick 40 cent-profit if you can find someone looking for a good deal.

I hope we don't bomb Iran (starting WW3 in the process) until at least 3-18-09, so I can be guaranteed to finish RE5 before I die. For the same reason, I recently started wearing my seatbelt.

Bye for now!