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@alphasquid: Thanks, I'll try that. I've been short on cash for most of the game, but I also haven't been selling stuff. Part of me has been assuming this is the kind of game that would do something like "oh by the way, those machine cores you've been collecting are super important so you had better not have sold them!" (although I suppose that's not the case)

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I've been doing fine for the most part, up until I started into my 3rd run where I'm getting torn to shreds by everything. Like, I only managed to get through a boss fight (the snake/worm thing made of giant spheres in the desert) by having auto-item feed me another medium heal every few seconds.

It's weird because toward the end of my 2nd run, I was basically invincible with the exact same setup. I guess I just need to sit down and do some heavy grinding?

For context I'm about level 49 and I'm suddenly running into mid-50s enemies with electrified spiky shields I haven't yet figured out how to consistently handle.

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This isn't exactly "personal experience", but I've taken to just remaking my canonical Commander Shepard whenever a game wants me to create and customize a character. And despite being completely impossible for dozens of reasons, I like to imagine it's all the same character on one timeline from game to game. Meaning this one woman has been:

Shep gets around, y'all.

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Plaything through Nier Automata and adoring it. Prior to Nier, I was just starting to get way into Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It turns out that game is pretty good! (I just worry that once I finish with Nier, going back to Dragon's Dogma, a game that's... let's just say a game with less polish, might be difficult)

I've also been dipping into Hitman from time to time on the side, trying to finish off the last few escalations I haven't done yet.

It's almost as if there's never been a better time to play games!

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@shadow: Shiiiiiit. And I don't think I have a save far enough back in Route A to pick it up and restart B. I had a save but then made the stupid conscious decision "well what am I ever gonna have to go back for?" and wrote over it.


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@burncoat: Thanks, maybe I'll give hammer another shot. I'll also check out wave.

@shadow: I didn't even realize there WAS an auto-collect item! I must have scrolled past it in the shop, thinking it was just another "auto-use" item! Is this sold in the resistance camp or is it something sold occasionally by Emil? Hopefully it'll be available relatively soon in route B, since I just started (but have also gotten far enough into not to want to go back and redo)

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Hey folks,

I started into my second playthrough and realized that I've been basically using the same setup the entire game: The default sword(s), the default pod (Gatling gun and laser), and mostly support chips.

The chips I've stuck with as soon as I've gotten them:

  • Deadly heal (heal XX% when an enemy dies)
  • Auto-use item (uses a health item automatically when health gets below a certain point)
  • Offensive heal (heal X% of damage dealt when attacking)
  • Anti-chain damage (grants a short time of invincibility after being hit)
  • Drop rate up (enemies more likely to drop items)

It SEEMS to be working alright for me, but should I be branching out and trying a lot of other weird weapon/pod setups? My default swords have all gotten upgrades faster than the other weapons I have and none of the other pods (missiles) or pod weapons (spinning blade has its uses but hammer seems worthless) that I've tried seem all that great compared to the basic Gatling and laser.

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Thanks everyone!

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Is it important to try and scour every corner of every area to get all the side quests? Important either for money/exp or for plot/ending stuff?

I've been doing all of them so far, but none have been more than "hey go to X and get Y for me" yet. On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of game I could see setting up a system of otherwise pointless fetch quests and hiding some PIVOTAL plot point in one of them.

Just wondering if I should be keeping an eye out for these quests or if I can safely ignore them if I start to burn out.