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@xanadu said:

@rinnowaru: Wait what? how could a 970 preform that badly? On what processor?

I saw some explanation that the biggest issue is how it handles anti-aliasing. There are several different ways to do anti-aliasing (SSAA, MSAA, FXAA, etc). Usually when you turn on AA in a game, it defaults to whichever one of those is the fastest method (and then often gives you the option to dial it up to a slower, better looking method). What I've read is that Nier defaults to the best looking (but slowest) method of AA.

So instead of the AA options being on a scale from none->low->medium->high->higher->highest, the AA options are none->higher->highest. In other words, turning off AA altogether makes the game run MUCH more smoothly than having it active on it's "lowest" setting.

I could be completely wrong about all that though.

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If episode 7 had been another episode 5 or 6, I might have cut my losses there, but it managed to do enough of what I liked about S1 and early/late S2 to get me reluctantly back on board. Things happened. Stories progressed. Stuff was "huh, that's... really weird" fucked up rather than "I hope you like abject human misery!" fucked up (well there was some of that, but much less than usual).

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I don't know, folks, I'm just about done with this season. I'll give it another episode or two, but this past episode (episode 6) did absolutely nothing for me. Actually scratch that, it didn't do nothing, it actively made me like the show less.

I know part of this is that I just don't "get" it, but the "Chicken Boo" shtick with Dougie was already getting stale by the end of episode 4, the recurring "shrill harpy wife as a punchline" thing sucks, the crosswalk scene felt nothing but exploitative, and everything else around the periphery of the show is rapidly approaching "the last 20 minutes of Requiem For A Dream " levels of everyone being miserable and fucked up.

The possibility of the drug dealer guy being a fucking wizard or something is approaching interesting, but isn't enough by itself to carry an hour long show for me.

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About The Last Night...

I won't get too into it, in case anyone would rather keep the game and its creators mentally compartmentalized separately (and I understand that feeling), but the lead writer* of The Last Night (Tim Soret) has made some unsavory statements in the past few years.

Granted, people can change, and he has since made some statements that he has done just that. But seeing the fundamental premise of the game world's dystopia does make me wonder...

No Caption Provided

There may be more nuance in the actual game than this broad "hey wouldn't it suck if people didn't have to worry about being able to afford food and medicine?", but I don't know.

It looks damn pretty, though.

*At least I think that's his role

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@bisonhero: Yeah, that was... yeah. Thankfully the date hadn't been going great up until that point anyway.

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Me: (some joke about aliens or chemtrails or lizard people or something I forget)

Her: "Ha ha, oh no, of course I don't believe in any of that conspiracy theory stuff..."

Her: *with a completely straight face* "...but I do know that 9/11 was an inside job."

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