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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi 0

The game had a great fighting system, story mode and boss levels and all. But only thing I don't like about it is the character creation in 'Hero Mode' as you can't create a female fighter on it. It's rather disappointing of not having enough female characters in this game. But I think the cutscenes were brilliant with it's art style and interactions. ...

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Street Fighter V Review 0

Street Fighter V has great new graphics and fighting modes. The story mode is amazing and even the fighters' finishing moves have a lot of detail and coolness.Even the character interactions in cutscenes had great lines and all.I view Street Fighter V as the best one of the franchise....

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Super Mario Galaxy Review 0

I like Mario traveling across the galaxy to meet new friends and battling new foes to save the universe. I enjoyed playing this game and seeing the new female character, Rosalina. The levels and bosses are amazing and so are the character interactions.This is definitely one of the best Super Mario games ever....

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