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38204 Kamin Character I've just added all of Kamin's friends, enemies, concepts and the game she's in. 02/07/19 11:46AM 38 approved
37849 New Character Character Kamin is the twin sister of Oren and a villain from Super Dragon Ball Heroes in the Universal Conflict Saga. 02/05/19 03:09PM 10 approved
37550 Démigra Character I've just added all of the concepts that Demigra has and all. 02/02/19 05:31AM 26 approved
37529 Kefla Character I've just added more of Kefla's friends, enemies and concepts. 02/01/19 05:29PM 14 approved
37526 Caulifla Character I have just added more of Caulifla's appearances in the games. 02/01/19 05:26PM 10 approved
37525 Oren Character I have added all of Oren's game appearances, concepts and enemies. 02/01/19 05:14PM 34 approved
37302 Toppo Character I added more of Toppo's enemies. 01/31/19 05:21PM 2 approved
37300 Fu Character I added more concepts that Fu has. 01/31/19 05:13PM 12 approved
37299 New Character Character Oren is a major villain from Super Dragon Ball Heroes and it's anime/manga adaption. 01/31/19 05:12PM 10 approved
37293 Kale Character Added Kale in 2 more games she appears in. 01/31/19 04:45PM 10 approved