Maybe gone, but never forgotten

When I heard the news yesterday I couldn't believe it. Hell a little bit of me still doesn't believe it. Like a lot of you I have been listening to or watching Ryan in some form of another since the early GameSpot days. He got me through college.

I've never been able write and honestly I'm really shy(hell I barely participate here), but me writing this is helping get some closure because like many I don't have anyone to talk to about this with out sounding crazy.

And although I'm sad his death doesn't make me, really well up. No, the only thing that could ever make cry as weird as it may seem is this, getting a group random people that have never and for all intensive purpose will never meet, but have this one thing in common whether we watched the videos or listened podcast or just posted to the forums. A person that could get a group random people to focus on a specific idea always gets me.

That is what Ryan was, he's the lead, the one moved the conversation forward and always knew how to make a conversation on the show funny.

I'm never gonna completely accept Ryan gone, because really he's not. As long as their is internet, hell as long as their one and zeros on a hard drive in an amazing warehouse somewhere he won't ever be forgotten. Although that's small comfort for anyone really close him, its a guarantee that he will be able to impact lives with his dumb videos for years and decades and centuries to come.

So although I have never met Ryan or any of you here, I just want to say Thank you. I hope to one day achieve a fraction of what you have done with your life Ryan.